The Miami Heat had a pretty successful 2010-11 season, despite what the critics say and they just couldn’t finished it the way that they liked to.

There are questions that must be answered, things that should be done and goals to be completed in the next season. One of the issues that followed the Heatles throughout the entire season was points in the paint.

Chris Bosh is an excellent power forward, but he’s not a guy who likes to play with his back to the basket. Who will bring the needed points in the paint? The question to that answer is LeBron James.

Arguably the worlds’ finest basketball player as of now, James has all the tools to provide what Miami lacks badly. He’ll also have a defined role in the squad and lead them to success.

There have been some articles by sports writer from all over which point to ‘Bron playing as the team’s point. That shouldn’t be what he should play, considering now they have two good point guards in Chalmers and Cole.

He stands at 6’8, has unmatched physical abilities, is fast, has nice touch and when he’s focused, he’s nearly unstoppable. Through the season, he showed that he’s got a solid game in the post but hasn’t spent enough time in there.

Now is the time when he needs to. He’s a complete mismatch in any way you look at. He definitely needs to keep upgrading it and try to spent most of his playing time in that area. He’ll certainly dominate and be closer to averaging a triple double too.

James will certainly be double teamed, but he’s a good passer and will dish bunch of dimes to Miami’s shooters and other players. He will give freedom to Wade to do his thing, and Bosh will be more comfortable from distance.

He should definitely play in the post, and will still be the best player in the league. In fact, he’ll be even more productive. The rest of the Big Three, like Wade aren’t going to be young forever. He’ll need to adjust to lead them in scoring, not in assists.

Playing in the post is the key for him becoming better. He’ll eventually win few championships and with maybe averaging triple double in the process will be enough for some people to place him as the greatest player in the NBA History once when he’ll call it a career.


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