Greg Oden is the biggest enigma in the league, whose young and promising career so far has been dominated by injuries. Injured both of his knees numerous times and so on. However, his bones have healed and he's stronger. It's not like in Yao's case.

How can he help the Blazers. Here are the reasons.

1.Stay Healthy

First of all, this is the obvious factor. He can't produce, or provide what the team needs from him. Staying injury free, would mean a lot for Greg. He'll get to play more, to develop himself and become a superstar big man.

2.Provide Defensive Dominance

Few seasons ago, in a very short time, Greg Oden managed to pick up some awesome stats on defense. He led the league in blocks per game, blocks and rebound Per minute stats. He averaged 8.7 boards and 2.3 blocks.

Not bad. In 36 minutes, those stats go to like 12.8 boards and 3.4 blocked shots in average. Again, amazing. He is arguably the top defensive player in the NBA when healthy.

He can bottle his man while establish himself as a presence. I feel that he is capable to lead the league in rebounds and blocks. He's a machine! That's why he was drafted at No.1 and i feel he'll rival Dwight in terms of being best defender for the '10's.

3.Control The Glass

He's a very capable rebounding machine. He had some huge rebounding game in the short 2009-10 season for him, such as the one versus Miami where he grabbed 20 boards! He had a 15 rebound effort vs New Orleans, and more games over 10 rebounds.

8.7 rebounds in average in just 24 minutes of action are amazing. He could be the leading rebounder in the league. He establishes himself as a presence on both sides of the court.

4.Establish As A Great Offensive Player

When you lead the league in field goal percentage for some time while shooting impressive 77% from the charity and being a great athlete, you obviously have something to work on offense.

Oden has improved his post game, despite not playing for nearly two years. He can make his hook shots with either hand, can finish easily inside, is a good passer out of the post and has nice touch.

He should continue his development in that aspect. Add few more post moves, be a great big man passer because he attracts attention down low and use the hook as a go to move.

5.Continue To Work Hard And Develop Fast

Greg Oden didn't really have a good rookie season. He worked hard in that 2009 off season and went on to become a dominating presence, especially on defense and the glass. He showed flashes of brilliance which ended unfortunately of one injury.

He hasn't played since. However, that doesn't mean he hasn't worked. He obviously has the will and determination to show himself as a great center, and he probably will if he can work that hard and improve.

6.Cut Down The Fouls

He fouls a lot. That's a problem with not only him, but with all young big men in the league. However some of the fouls that were called on him weren't fair at all. Here is one example.


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