When the Montreal Expos left for Washington D.C. there wasn't a chance that there would be a possible return of Major League Baseball to the French- Canadian city. All I can say is never say never.

There have been rumors floating around that there could be a possible return of the Expos to Montreal. The rumors have been started by former French-language Expos broadcaster, Rodger Brulotte.

Last Friday, on radio station CKAC, Brulotte said he has been approached by an unnamed business group interested in trying to bring baseball back to the city – and we’re not talking about the minor leagues.

Brulotte also posted the news on his RDS blog and was a guest Tuesday afternoon on Mitch Melnick’s radio show on The Team 990. Brulotte said he had rebuffed the group of investors several times over the last couple of years before finally taking them seriously.

Brulotte says the fact a recent Conference Board of Canada report declared Montreal could still support Major League Baseball under the right conditions led the unnamed group to publicly explore the city’s appetite for it.

First of all stop teasing the Montreal fans, because baseball isn't coming back to Montreal. Number two unless a group with a ton of money gets involved I don't think ownership can support baseball in Montreal. Football still hasn't returned to Los Angeles, so baseball isn't coming back to Montreal. 


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