RGJ.com reports that Michael Jordan could face a $1 million fine at his charity golf tournament. A CHARITY golf tournament!! Seriously.

He is an NBA owner now, if you haven't heard for the past year when he was hired to run the Charlotte Bobcats, and with a lockout in, NBA team staffs can not be in contact with the NBA players.

Vinny Del Negro will also be in attendance, so the Los Angeles Clippers may face a fine too. So Del Negro and Jordan will need to be careful if they talk to any of the following players who are attending: Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Jason Kidd, Deron Williams, and Jimmer Fredette.

However, they are able to tee-up. Unfortunately, the same can not go for Trail Blazers' Brian Grant for his golf tournament, according to the Portland Tribune:
Brian Grant — also on the Blazer payroll as an ambassador — can't have current NBA players participate in his upcoming golf event for Parkinson's disease.
This is interesting, but some how, it just doesn't make sense.

By Josh Dhani


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