Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as we continue with the rankings of the game's most physically imposing player to ever step on a basketball hardwood.

The level of athleticism hasn't got to a bigger level than it's now. If you aren't athletic (unless you have the skills, intelligence), it's tough to emerge into something better.

Now, the most dominant figures in the NBA likes LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard have been dominating for a while thanks to the fact that they are physical freaks of their own.

Who ranks on top? Without further ado, here are the most physically imposing players of all time.

10.Elgin Baylor

The game's original high flyer who revolutionized playing above the rim, Elgin Baylor was also the first physically imposing player from the perimeter who relied on his physical gifts to be a force on both sides of the court.

Baylor was athletic forward, who had incredible strength, had nice speed, had big vertical jump and his hang time was nothing but impressive. He used his advantages combined with his all-around game to excel in the league.

Elgin despite his skills, had a great offensive arsenal as he could score the ball in variety of ways and he'd simply overpower his defender to get in a nice position to make his shot. Plus, he could hang in the air and get a good look over the top of the defense. He was good in the post too.

Some say that he enough strength enough to post up even against Bill Russell. Still, Baylor torched those Celtics teams in style. For example, in one of their Finals match ups, he poured in 40.6 points versus one of the best defensive teams of all time. Not bad feat, isn't it?

9.Shawn Kemp

An extremely talented big man who was known for his superior physical advantages and when he got up in the air, few attempted to block his dunk attempt. That truly says a lot about Shawn Kemp, one of the most physically imposing players of all time.

He was like Amar'e Stoudemire and Blake Griffin before the two of them. He was a powerful player who was an athletic freak, was strong, could jump high and finished well at the rim. He used to dunk all over his opponents and finish with nice poster jams as well.

Kemp was a terrific finisher when he got a chance to be close to the hoop, because he'd throw dunk a powerful jam and the defense would simply not try to stop him from doing. Even though in a way he underachieved with his talent, he's still one of the 15 best power forwards in the NBA History.

He did make six All-Star teams, brought excitement into the city of Seattle, led the Sonics along side Payton in the Finals and was a walking highlight reel machine regardless where he was playing!

8.Dwight Howard

The top center in the league today who's been a terrific presence on both sides of the court, Dwight Howard is one of the physically most imposing players of all time.

He's an athletic freak, who's got a big vertical jump, has nice length, unmatched strength and has been a new powerful force since day one in the league.

Dwight translated his physicality to establish himself as a world class defender and a presence in the post. He led all few times in blocked shots, rebounds and won three consecutive Defensive Player Of The Year awards!

Howard worked with legendary center Hakeem Olajuwon to improve his low post game. He's now a respectable threat in the post, as he now has a developed offensive game and still can overpower his opponents.

The Hawks felt that in the 2011 playoffs, as he was averaged 30.8 points and 17 rebounds in five of the six games when the match where he had eight isn't taken in consideration.

He's been the most physically imposing center for some time.

7.Dominique Wilkins

A regular highlight machine who invented and made the windmill dunk very popular, a lot of Dominique Wilkins' success was because of his superior physicality and he intimated people with his advantages.

He made noise in the deep Eastern Conference with the Atlanta Hawks, as he emerged into a superstar and was a dominant presence on the court because he was one of the most physically imposing players of all time.

He had incredible athleticism, was strength, had major vertical jump and was quick too. He was known for his leaping ability and could throw down some serious power dunks. He wasn't a two time winner of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest for nothing.

Wilkins was excellent finisher, who had a good hang time and could still finish even if there was a contact on him. 'Nique was capable to blew by his defender and then put few big men on his poster dunks. He truly earned the nickname, the "Human Highlight Machine".

6.Moses Malone

Although he wasn't as tall nor or skilled as some big men, Moses Malone was a physically imposing center who made up for his lack of height with his underrated physicality and turned out to be a dominant presence on the boards which earned him the nickname, "Chairman Of The Boards".

Malone had an underrated strength, excellent second and third jump that made him quite a force in the game. He controlled the glass in style, as he won five rebound titles and holds the all time highest total for most offensive rebounds in his career. He was the top offensive rebounder of any time.

Moses was a great scorer, because he made living from his superior ability to get huge amount of boards in the other paint and because of his physical advantages too. He once averaged more than 30 points and 15 boards.

He led the Philadelphia 76ers to a championship in the 80's, as he poured in 26 points and ripped down 18 missed shots in the Finals series to win the MVP honors and his only title in his combined NBA/ABA career. He cemented his legacy in that run.

5.Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar revolutionized the center's position by bringing grace and skills to a spot that has been characterized by pure physicality. However, Kareem was no softy at all, he was in fact one of the most physically imposing players to play the game.

He had great athleticism, underrated strength, was quick and had nice mobility as well. He was capable to overpower his opponents and to get close to the hoop where he used to make his graceful sky hook.

Jabbar's physical prime came actually in his days as part of the Milwaukee Bucks, where he came in a terrific physical condition. Nonetheless, his physicality among other things helped him to become a basketball legend in the process of his illustrated career in all competitions.

He established himself as a dominant presence in the paint on both sides of the court, as he'd go up high for a missed shot, to swat an attempt in his basket, push his opponents and to see a good look etc. Kareem could be argued as the best player of all time, he was simply that good.

4.Charles Barkley

Often dominating players who were half and even sometimes nearly foot taller despite having the height of the average guard, Charles Barkley relied on his superior physical gifts to be one of the best power forwards of all time.

As a player, he had a terrific all-around game and was one of the most complete players to step on a hardwood. Only four men in the league's history have recorded more than 20 000 points, 10 000 boards and 4 000 assists. And Sir Charles is one of them.

He was one of the most physically imposing figures in professional basketball. Barkley had a combination of superior strength, power, vertical jump and movement to excel out there and to make up for his lack of size on the court.

He was indeed a unique player, who was still a dominating force and is an example that height doesn't really matter. He could be argued as the greatest ever in few categories, but no this one although he was an intimating player to begin with.

3.LeBron James

A talented forward whose skill set and physical gifts have made him arguably the best player in the NBA for quite a while, LeBron James is one of the most physically imposing players of all time.

His athleticism is arguably second to none. He's one of the quickest players to play the game. Let's not forget that he's got outstanding strength and power as well. He relied on his physical advantages to excel in the league.

For what he lost in speed in the past few years, he gained in strength. James has been known for his ability to make his way to the basket out of the perimeter. He's capable to overpower his opponent and then finish with a powerful dunk, that it's nearly impossible to block.

Those who have challenged his dunks, have usually found themselves on a poster. LeBron has also terrific skill set, which he has improved in recent time. He established himself as a great presence on both sides, and is the most complete player in the league for some time too.

He's now entering the post more often and taking advantages of his physicality. With him taking his back to the basket game to the next level, he'll be even more harder to contain and stop for sure.

2.Wilt Chamberlain

An outstanding athlete who was a track star in his day, ten time world champion in highest jumping, held his records at the field and could lift some big numbers, Wilt Chamberlain is without a doubt one of the most physically imposing players of all time.

Wilt was a dominant presence on both sides of the court, because he translated his physical advantages in all of the important areas of basketball. He's regarded as one of the most strongest men to step on a hardwood, who lifted big weights that no matched.

Chamberlain was extremely mobile, fast and powerful center out there. He had a high vertical jump too. He relied on his physicality, excellent skill set and high intelligence to emerge as arguably the greatest player of all time.

He intimated his opponents in offense and defense. Few could match up well with him one on one, or finish at the rim when he was around. Unfortunately, The Big Dipper used his skills a little more than he should have and sometimes hurt himself with that.

Still, that doesn't change the fact that he was physically imposing big man who dominated in the NBA for so long and changed so many rules. The stats and record books how dominant he truly was!

1.Shaquille O'Neal

An outstanding center who made a name for himself thanks to his superior physical gifts over his opponents, dominated for a long, long time and was quite unstoppable in his prime, Shaquille O'Neal is the most physically imposing player to step on a NBA hardwood.

He had great size, amazing strength (arguably the strongest man to play professional basketball), power, agility and terrific athleticism with very good vertical jump too. He had excellent movement and quickness for a player of his position too.

For years, he'd simply overpower his opponent and finish with a powerful dunk that sometimes seemed to bring the entire rim down. Speaking of bringing down rims, the Diesel did that twice in his career. Here's the proof.

He saw a large defensive attention and more double and triple teams than arguably anyone who has played this game. However, he'd quickly dismiss the help and just score over the top of the defense.

However, if he couldn't do that, he'd make them pay with his underrated yet terrific passing and he gave many wide open chances for his team mates. Shaq in his prime, destroyed his competition as he led the Lakers to a three peat and won all Finals MVP award in those runs.

He was that good.

 --Darko Mihajlovksi


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