Welcome back to the “Greatest Ever” series as we now continue with the rankings of the greatest one club men of all time.

Like in few other sports, this is also rare for the NBA as well. Some players like to play for big markets, because that’s where the attention is bigger unlike in a franchise that hasn’t got many worldwide fans.

This list happens to feature some of the greatest players in basketball’s history who have built their legacy in one team, and are now sports legends.

Here are the candidates for the honor of greatest one club man of all time. Who ranks on top? You decide that.

Jerry West

A spectacular player who shone in the gold and purple uniform for numerous, Jerry West is one (if not) the greatest one club man of all time.

To tell you just how great he was, the league made its logo based on him. He was a real superstar from the back court, who could hurt the opponents badly on both sides. He was one of the most complete players ever, who was a triple double threat of his own.

He was one of the best shooters of any time, as he could found the bottom of the net in variety of ways. He hit three pointers long before the line was introduced in the NBA. West is most remembered for his ultimate competitive spirit and the will to win. He always came up huge.

Jerry was a guy whose hard work on his overall game, inspired others to improve and he did got better in each year. His work ethic was amazing. He was also called “Mr Clutch” for stepping out huge in the clutch, as he’s widely regarded as one of the finest shooters in the last seconds of the matches.

West was a talented player on both sides. He was one of the top offensive threats to step on a hardwood, and one of the greatest scorers too. He had dozens of ways to get his game. He was a force on defense as an all-around defender (off-ball, going for steals and blocks) while locking his man down. He was one of the better defenders to play the game.

Even though he was outstanding star of his own, because of Russell, he couldn’t win more than one championship though. However, his contributions to basketball didn’t stop here. He did continue his fantastic work in the front offices, and boy he does it well!

He could be argued as the greatest player of all time for sure!

Elgin Baylor

One of the most notable pioneers of basketball, the highly underrated Elgin Baylor is not only a candidate for the honor of greatest one club man ever, but for also being the greatest player in the NBA History too.

That’s right. He was the very first physically imposing player on the perimeter, and he helped revolutionizing the league by playing above the rim. He was the first ‘high flyer’ ever, and the first one to finish around the basket with variety of amazing shots and moves.

He had one of the most dangerous offensive arsenals ever, and had the greatest variety of shots of them all. He was a dominant force on offense because of his capability and physical advantages.

Baylor was a presence on the glass. He’s the best rebounder of all time, for all non big men and one of the finest in that category. His stats and records prove that.

In fact, he was one of the most complete players to grace the hardwood. The statistics back that up, and his overall play sure did. He was a versatile and lock down defender, who excelled on that side on the court too.

Elgin is often forgotten among the legends of the game, simply because he doesn’t have a championship ring. Even though he was offered one in ’72, he refused to take. Now, in a league where winning is everything, his legend is diminished because of that.

It’s hard not to mention him as a candidate for the greatest player of all time. He truly deserves it.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Despite not picking up basketball until the age of 15, it didn’t take long Hakeem Olajuwon to quickly establish as one of the game’s greatest legends of all time.

He was the “Dream” for the fans, and the “Nightmare” for the opponents. He possessed variety of quick moves and ball fakes, which are much more known today as the Dream Shake. He had a nice perimeter shot to go with, and was dominant force on offense.

He faced with a lot of double teams. He was a good passer out of the post and he made them pay. Nevertheless, Olajuwon was a guy who made his mark on the defensive side on the court.

He’s arguably the best defender in the NBA History, a statement that can be backed up with many facts. First of all, he’s the all time leader in blocked shots (keep in mind that blocks are official since ’73) and ranks ninth in steals (amazing for a center). He’s by far the greatest off-ball stopper everl

Hakeem was one of the top shot blockers and man to man defenders in the history of the league. He did slow them and outclassed Ewing, the Admiral etc. He did outplay Shaquille too, but it was a lot closer.

He was all of his basketball career in Houston, city in which he brought two NBA Championships and led one of the most surprising runs of any time to success. It’s safe to say that his accomplishments are even bigger, considering he didn’t have even a star player in his first successful trip to the Finals.

He was perhaps the best post up player to step on a hardwood. He was one of the most fundamentally sound big men to play the game of basketball.

The Dream was unstoppable center on both ends of the court, he was a very accomplished player and should be rightfully be a candidate for the honor of being the Greatest Of All Time.

Tim Duncan

When i think of the Spurs’ Tim Duncan, it reminds of a quite, humble superstar who understands the basics very well, is smart, consistent and great. In many ways, he’s what i’d like to be if i go pro and what coaches like.

It’s simply hard to find a place where Duncan isn’t good. He’s the fundamentally most sound player in the NBA History. He does it all in text book style and he’s very efficient.

His consistency is second to none. He’s the most consistent superstar to step on a basketball hardwood, who has dominated defenses in the same old way and he always got better.

It’s amazing that Timmy’s work ethic has made him a very awesome player. His improvement was never doubted, and he separated from others because of that. He’s a very intelligent person whose intelligence makes him a force on the court.

He’s one of the greatest defenders (certainly the most fundamentally one) to lace them. He excelled on the court as one of the best shot blockers, largely because he mastered three things for success:1) perfect timing, 2)fundamentals and 3) not fouling the shooter.

Duncan is one of the top rebounders of any time, who ranks up high in this category. It’s safe to say that he is one of the better rounded players to play the game. He’s additionally praised for his passing ability and just might be the best post player ever.

He’s also a coach of his own out there. His leadership is never questioned. He led the Spurs to four championships, earning this franchise a reputation as a dynasty of the 00′s.

There’s no doubt to me that Tim is a candidate for the honor of the G.O.A.T and finest one club man of any time. He’s nothing but amazing in every sense of the word!

Larry Bird

A gifted forward who lifted himself and Celtics to greatness, Larry Bird is a basketball legend and could be argued as the greatest player in the NBA History.

Based on pure skills, no one possessed a better game than him. In particular, he was the best sharp shooter to grace the hardwood as he could find the bottom the net in variety of ways. He was part of the 50/40/90 club, an accomplishment he did twice.

Bird was additionally one of the finest and most dominant offensive forces ever. He had a terrific arsenal of shots, moves and could post up well. He exploded in the post season and finals against fantastic defenses.

Larry was one of the top rebounders of all time, who can be argued as the best non big men rebounding specialists too. Despite playing along side team mates like Parish and McHale, he averaged 10 boards per game.

He was a wizard with the ball. He’s regarded as one of the league’s finest passers ever as he was capable to provide excellent passes. Bird consistently got higher averages in terms of assists in the bigger stages.

Larry’s excellence on the court was helped by his amazing basketball intelligence. Some say he was capable to read an inbound play, then pretend to ignore it and end up with the steal. He made up for his lack of athleticism, speed and man to man defense with his IQ.

Speaking of defense, he was a crafty and tough defender who relied on his team mates. He did made them better while dominating  in a fashion that earned him nothing but respect. His career resume is filled with bunch of awards, including three championships too.

Michael Jordan

A talented player who worked hard enough to stand on top, Michael Jordan is universally claimed to be the greatest basketball player to play the game and is now a respected sports legend world wide.

Jordan was the best scorer to grace the hardwood, as he scored in variety of ways and dominated legendary defenses with elite stoppers. He was arguably the finest offensive force in the history of the game, who was also one of the most dominant too.

Michael was one of the most all-around players of any time, who may had the most complete two way package ever. He excelled on both sides on the court, not just offense.

He was one of the top defenders to put sneakers on. He did both well as a lock down and off-ball stopper, who won a Defensive Player Of The Year award. He ranks second in steals, first in blocks for all guards and was known to interrupt offensive plans.

He was called Air Jordan for his aerial abilities. He could finish over the defense with easy and was a walking highlight machine. He won a Slam Dunk Contest too.

It can be argued that no one was better overall in the very last seconds of the match when everything was sealed and in the clutch. He’s mostly respected for that.

Additionally, he had superb work ethic which allowed him to improve and was the ultimate competitor. His success didn’t come easy and he deserves his title.

Magic Johnson

A unique floor general with the height of a much taller player, Magic Johnson was one of the greatest players to play the game and for him a case can be made as the best.

He’s the greatest passer to play the game of basketball, as he turned passing into an art, had sick stats and found ways to lead his team mates for easy scoring chances. No one could lead a fast brake nor a team that good as him ever as well.

His unmatched court vision was the reason why he knew what was happening and his IQ. He was also notable for being one of the top non big men rebounders of all time. He cracked some nice numbers to prove that.

Johnson is additionally the most versatile to step on the hardwood, as he was capable to play all five positions on high level. To prove you that, i’ll point out the fact that he played at center for injured Kareem in Game Six of the 1980 Finals to lead his team to a win over the Philly.

He earned Finals MVP honors after he scored 42 points, grabbed 15 rebounds and dished out seven dimes. He was a consistent triple double machine thanks to the fact of being well rounded. He could be argued as the most complete player to put sneakers on. His all around game is illustrated by his triple doubles.

In fact, he’s the all time leader in triple doubles in the playoffs history with 31 and he ranks second in the same category in the regular season as well. His career stats in both regular and post season show his outstanding abilities.

Johnson was a winner too, as he lead his team to five championships and won multiple individual awards on the way. He dominated in very competitive and tough era. Magic also revolutionized passing to a whole new level, and had great ball handling abilities.

He also holds the NBA record for most assists per game in both regular and post season with averages of 11.2 and 12.2 dimes through his career.

To sum it up, Magic Johnson can be argued as the best ever in dozens of categories, holds some records, revolutionized the game and can rightfully be argued as the greatest player and one club man in the history of the NBA.

Bill Russell

The game’s ultimate team player who revolutionized defensive concepts in the world of basketball, Bill Russell is simply said one of the best players of all time with a good case for being the finest.

He’s arguably the greatest defender in the NBA History, who dominated on that side on the court like no one else has. He built the fundamentals of the blocked shot, mastered it and is argued as the top shot blocker ever.

He knew to pick up his spot, time it and turn into a fast brake chance. He was excelled in one on one situations too. In fact, he was so good on defense that he was the force from behind that got Boston lots of titles.

He possessed perhaps the highest basketball IQ of any time, as he knew to use it in any situation and was so much unpredictable because of it. He played so intelligent, that he got the best of his opponents.

Russell was physically imposing center who had all the things that a big man need to have and more. He used those physical advantages on the defensive end, and because of his IQ, he knew how to use.

Russ was the greatest leader to grace the hardwood. He’s the only player-coach to win two championships. Those weren’t the Celtics that owned the league, but he led them to successful finishes.

Bill excelled in the clutch. He always elevated himself above the rest in the post season and the finals, where he seemed to have no flaws at all. He once had 13-17 from the line in a Finals game, often led the Celtics in scoring through those moments and so on.

He’s symbol of winning. He led the Celtics to eleven championships in thirteen years. Outstanding, isn’t it? It sure is. He’s also 10-0 in any Game Seven of the playoffs. He averaged 18.6 points and 29.3 rebounds in those ten games. Dominant, isn’t it?

That’s why he’s regarded as the biggest winner in basketball history. He had clutch games when he had 30 points and 40 boards. The list continues on. There’s no doubt that Russell can be argued as the best player and one club man of all time.


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