I remember watching SportsCenter just a few days ago and they were discussing which league's All-Star weekend is the best: NFL, NBA, or MLB? ESPN's writers for each respective league discussed which is the best.

MLB writer Tim Kurkijan said the MLB was the best and the same went for NBA writer Ric Bucher. However, instead of defending his favorite league, NFL writer Adam Schefter instead bashed it. He said the Pro Bowl was the worst out of the leagues mentioned.

So which is the worst: MLB All-Star weekend, NBA All-Star weekend, or the NFL's Pro Bowl (including their little Pro Skills Competition or whatever)?

For me, my number one would be NBA All-Star Weekend. Ever since it came, it just has just been amazing. You gotta love how the dunk contests and everything are. 2010 was by far one of the worst, but man how much of a boost was it in 2011.

Who doesn't love guys jumping over cars? It's just fun. Besides dunk contest, you also got the three-point shootout, the skills competition, and the All-Star game. And the All-Star game is also pretty competitive. Just look at this play, for example. And you gotta love the fun that is involved, like Dwight Howard jacking up three-pointers sometimes. It's just great. And this here is proof why it's the best. Dunk contest is the G.O.A.T. of all All-Star skill competitions.

The MLB All-Star weekend is just as fun. You have to enjoy the Home-Run Derby. That's basically what keeps me excited. And then the All-Star game that helps decide home-field advantage. And that is basically the big key out of this weekend. MLB's could have had the best, in my opinion, but for an All-Star game to decide which conference is to have home-field advantage in the World Series is stupid. Just saying. That just makes guys try too hard. Let them have their fun, seriously.

And then, ugh, the NFL's Pro Bowl. It's a great accomplishment, but it's just stupid, especially for the past two years where they have it before the Super Bowl. Seriously?? Let the guys in the Super Bowl play. They want some fun. So just make it after the Super Bowl, jeez. But it won't matter. It's so boring. No offense. It's just two-hand touch. Listen, the MLB tries hard at least and the NBA (MLB tries too hard because of home-field advantage, but they are still better than the NFL). But the NFL? No way. They are too afraid to get hurt. It's just looking at a bunch of lazy guys playing two-hand touch but with equipment. It's no fun. The only thing I look forward to is their Skills competition with guys competing in the bench press and such. But other than that, this is the worst All-Star weekend in professional sports.

So if I were to rank this down now, this is what it will turn out to be:
  1. NBA
  2. MLB
  3. NFL
What do you think? Share your thoughts.

By Josh Dhani


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