Some people need to just shut up. Oney Guillen might just be one of those people. After attacking Chicago White sox GM Kenny Willimas earlier this season, Guillen now has his sights set on ESPN's Bobby Valentine. If you must know this little feud started on Twitter after Valentine had some unkind things to say about the White Sox.

Evryone knows that Ozzie Guillen is managing the Sox, so Oney being the family loyalist that he is decided to take it upon himself to defend the family name.

Ok so Valentine has never won a World Series like the old man has. But has won quite a few games and a National League pennant. In addition he won big over in Japan, so that has to count for something. All he did was say something that a lot of White Sox fans are probably saying to themselves or on talk radio. That question should be thrown back to oney since all he's done is ride his father's coattails to try and make a name for himself.   


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