The Indianapolis Colts are in a pretty tight hole. From the looks of the pre-season defense, it does not look good. But then again, it is the pre-season and usually Indianapolis is known for doing pretty bad there. However, there is another problem.

Peyton Manning.

There is a possibility that the star quarterback, who recently agreed to a five-year $90 million contract, could miss the season-opener due to a neck injury. He will miss the remainder of the pre-season.

And the Colts are more thin than Kate Moss as back-up quarterback. I don't trust a guy like Curtis Painter at back-up. In my opinion, he is probably the worst quarterback in the league! Sorry, but I have never seen a QB do so bad. He last played a regular season game in the 2009 season, and it did not look pretty at all. Dan Orlovsky is just as bad, and is most known for his blooper when he was on the Lions, scrambling from the pocket end zone, and ending up out of it for a safety.

So to put it nicely, the Colts back-up quarterback tandem...SUCKS!

Jim Irsay announced on Twitter that he will not be drafting Terrelle Pryor as an option, which kinda broke my heart because I would have loved him on the team. However, the Colts are looking another way, and trying to gain fans.

Brett Favre.

I didn't believe it at first, but I am beginning to...because it is Jim Irsay. He has been tweeting that he is in Hattiesburg, so I wouldn't be surprised if he is trying to lure the 41-year-old out of retirement.

But why Favre?

Hasn't Irsay seen how he did last season? Favre had eleven touchdowns and 19 interceptions, costing a lot of games for the Minnesota Vikings that season. It was easily one of his worst NFL seasons.

I mean, Jim Irsay cannot be serious signing Favre. He just can't be. Indianapolis needs to be more smart about this.

Why not go for a guy like Kerry Collins? Collins is a smart choice because he has done pretty well in the past few seasons. He's younger and can definitely help more, in my opinion.

Another option out there is Marc Bulger, who is also retired. Bulger was a pretty decent starter when he was the St. Louis Rams and played back-up with the Baltimore Ravens last year. Others that are available would be J.P. Losman and Troy Smith. Losman has had starting and experience and so has Smith, who can also scramble very well.

But in my opinion, Colts fans shouldn't worry about Manning. The guy has never missed a start and you really think he will now? He is the toughest quarterback in the league. The most consecutive starts is a record Manning can break, but he probably isn't worried about it. He will be ready for Week One. He just can't miss it.

I mean, I prayed that he will be ready for Week One, so you can't beat it!

But if there is that chance that he won't be available, and there is no one else but Brett Favre to sign, at least it's better than Curtis Painter.

But it doesn't matter, the Colts will be screwed.

Count on Manning being ready.


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