Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as we continue with the rankings of the game's top big men shooters of all time.

Although shooting is part of the game where the small guys in particular excel, still some centers and power forwards have used this ability as their biggest strength in their games.

Nonetheless, was it from close, mid range or three point distance, contested or open, these guys could made their shots. They also help their teams by leaving the paint free etc.

+Throughout the league's history, there have been couple of notable shooters who played at the center or power forward position. Who ranks on top?

Without further ado, let's find out!

10.Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon was one of the game's greatest big men shooters ever. He possessed soft touch and had a terrific jump shot that he was capable to make from close and mid range.

He could make variety of shots, contested or not. He was a nightmare for the opponents, as he scored in multiple ways on them. He wasn't known for his shot, but he was pretty effective in it.

Hakeem was excellent because of this and even when being defended heavily, he could find the bottom of the net easily. He was solid at the charity too.

9.Bob Lanier

Although he's one of the most underrated players in the NBA History, who was notable for many things but one of those was also his jump shot.

Bob Lanier was one of the best big men shooters of all time. He possessed soft touch and could make his perimeter shots. Additionally, he had a lethal sky hook and made even contested jumpers too.

He was superb shooter too, and pretty efficient as well. Lanier was also deadly at the charity, even managed to shot 90% free throw percentage too.

8.Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett has been known for his excellence in multiple things, and one of them is shooting. He was indeed one of the best big men shooters of all time.

His soft touch, quickness and footwork made him lethal threat from perimeter. He possesses an arsenal of shots, with his most deadly being the turn around.

Here are his stats. He's been around 50% from mid range consistently too. KG is also terrific at the charity, where he made 80% of his attempts.

7.Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace was always known for his ability to shot, as it was his biggest strength out there. He was one of the greatest big men shooters ever.

He was nearly unstoppable when he went for his turn around shot, from close distance. Sheed was excellent from mid range as well, as he connected on nearly 50% of his attempts.

Wallace was in particular excelled as a three point threat. He had so much range on his shots. Also, he was terrific at the line too. Here are some stats about him.

6.Bob Pettit

One of the most overlooked superstars in basketball history, Bob Pettit was a superb power forward who made trouble with his ability to shot.

There's no doubt at all, that he was one of the greatest big men shooters ever. He was mobile, quick and had soft touch. Pettit could hit his shots well from his close and mid range too.

He was among the top shooters at that time. He was lethal at the charity. He even connected on above 80% in few years too. Bob was a threat with his shooting for sure.

5.Dolph Schayes

Dolph Schayes had all the needed tools to excel as a great threat from just about anywhere. He was one of the best big men shooters in the NBA History.

He was the first big man who played on the perimeter and was notable for his pure shot. Dolph was one of the first players to shot above 40% field goal percentage.

Schayes could create his own jumper, find the bottom of the net from outside as he had great range and was lethal at the line. He even managed to lead three times in free throw percentage too!

4.Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing was one of the greatest big men shooters to step on a NBA hardwood, period. His excellence as a shooter was remarkable, and he was superb.

He made living on the baseline as he could find the bottom of the net easily and could connect on variety of shots. His soft touch and size made him effective.

Additionally, Patrick was lethal at the free throw line too, where he managed to make above 74% percent of his attempts. He didn't earn the reputation of being the top shooting center of all time.

3.Jerry Lucas

Jerry Lucas was an underrated yet excellent forward who was unique and known for his soft touch. He was one of the greatest big men shooters of all time.

He had a deadly shot, as he could find the bottom of the net with ease from anywhere. He was capable to hit variety of shots and he was excellent in it. His range was amazing.

Jerry was in particular known for his 25 footers, which he made look so easy that they were called "Lucas" lay ups. He was great at the line, where he shot 78.3% free throw percentage.

2.Bob McAdoo

A big man who possessed soft touch and was like a guard in a body of a big man, Bob McAdoo is one of the game's greatest shooters of all time.

He could find the bottom of the net from pretty much everywhere. He could create his own jumper, was excellent in the catch and shot, was great off the dribble etc.

Bob possessed a deadly mid range game, who was real effective as a perimeter threat. Despite playing most of the time far from the rim, he shot over 50.4% percent from distance and was known for his 22 footers too.

He was also great at the charity too.

1.Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is one of the greatest shooters to step on a NBA Hardwood.He's a threat from just about anywhere, as he can hit nothing but net with ease.

He's already praised as the best shooting big man of all time. Nowitzki is an all-around shooter who can make variety of shots. His mid range game is among the finest ever.

He has made nearly 50% percent on his attempts, which is terrific. He's excellent from beyond the arc as well. His career percentage of 38.1% three point percent is respectable.

He even won an All-Star Three Point Shootout Contest. No center or power forward has done this so far. He can hit variety of shots. Big Dirk is lethal at the charity, where he shots a career percentage of 87.7%.

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