There's a magazine out there of Mark Sanchez. You've probably seen it -- the latest issue for GQ Magazine's September Style Issue, on stands August 23, a public outrage leaving New Yorkers rambling over his overblown portraits that feature several photos of the Jets' starting quarterback.

And so when headlines swirled two weeks ago about Sanchez posing for photos to reveal his pretty boy persona, it significantly hatched a national disturbance as local tabloids ridiculed the Jets star. It's at best conveniently to discover that he has the penchant for flaunting in photos and, even larger than ever, he's the magnet on Broadway, the blossoming athlete everybody adores in the Big Apple.

He spent most of the offseason modeling for magazines -- especially having seen Sanchez in photos posing, a sexy quarterback known for his sex appeal more than his leadership. That's not to mention the frequent photo shots of Sanchez featuring with model Hilary Rhonda in the June issue of GQ magazine in 2009 and inducing a distraction to prompt a media circus.

That's not to mention that he appears to be gorgeous as girls are madly attractive and in love with the celebrity who can produce his own reality TV show and bait viewers. The point is that -- even if he is taking too much heed to his sex-appeal and can be boastful in parading his body -- Sanchez masters his role and understands the expectations are immense in a town where a spate of the modern media has a large influence on how players perform.

There is no credibility issue here. There is an exaggerated issue here, as some are tense and curious to know if Sanchez is fully capable of engineering the Jets. The problem is that he draws disruptions with his absurdity, vanity, self-loving and self-importance and often underachieves in postseason games because, well, he is seen on the front cover of tabloids or magazine issues.

It's no telling whether the overexposed celebrity status affects his performance on the field. It's no telling whether the notability drives Sanchez to play with much intensity and a full-driven mindset that motivates the 24-year-old quarterback, who enters his third season taking on the responsibility, to perform flawlessly on a franchise in position of a Super Bowl win.

The most interesting figures, like Sanchez, could be a remedy entirely in a town entertained by celebrities or even athletes. Sometimes it seems as if people's stance on the matter is hypocritical, as often happens in New York, in which subjects in relations to sports are rhetorical. Then, suddenly, if Sanchez is publicly seen in a photo, the world glances at the comical, compelling portrait.

And there have been many times, as of recently of course, when Sanchez has absorbed much attention, not only on the football field but off the field as well becoming a supermodel in a town known for its fashion. Meanwhile, in question is his leadership and ability to be effective in the quarterback role for a franchise that demands prosperity.

His leadership, though, reached an all-time high a season ago when he led the Jets to the postseason and almost carried his teammates and bombastic head coach Rex Ryan to the Super Bowl, only to fall short after coming all so close. The comical, abnormal and captivating images -- a player clearly comfortable being the face of a demanding franchise and playing with scads of pressure is incredible.

If he is finally accepting the role as leader to keep the Jets in contention, this happened decisively and rapidly, a youngster who has mellowed into a valuable piece in New York just as much as Sanchez has become an iconic darling for the ladies gazing at his stylish appearance. He's the turning point and, by himself, has developed a culture as the Jets are Super Bowl contenders and brainwashes the gentlemen, many of whom watches football every Sunday, that Sanchez is a franchise quarterback.

But after all, no one has put in more time and effort than Sanchez, by working out early in the morning, by devoting much of his life to improve his consistency and by working on his throwing motion. So, it turns out, he's already poised inside the pocket and has nifty footwork to elude the pass rushes or blitzes.

The city adores Sanchez, not for only wearing white pants and a black tank top for the GQ magazine spread but also for the photos he appeared in, his mobility, his work ethic and his potential, proving to be part of the Jets' plans in the future. His presence is felt, his long-term future as quarterback under the Jets is certain as long as he can stay healthy and perform efficiently, leading New York to a pair of Super Bowls in his tenure with the team that brought in Sanchez and believe he can handle the obligations of playing for a high-marketed team.

So here is Sanchez, with an aura just as spectacular as his sex appeal. It was bound to happen, probably sooner before later. The population was overly fascinated with Sanchez's photographs, reacting in a surprised manner, not realizing that he is a quarterback in the shadows of Joe Namath. This isn't the time to wonder if Sanchez is a more effective model than quarterback, or whether the Jets may soon struggle with him calling the snaps.

This is the time to assume that Sanchez has matured and accepted a challenging task at the toughest position in football, ready mentally and physically to embark on a journey. He could be an actor on Broadway, and have the charm and humor to jokingly bring smiles and laughter. That being said, he also has the arm strength and mobility of a gunslinger and has become proficient in the pro-style offense.

He's a Southern California dude, a Hispanic representing his heritage at a position where he stands alone in the NFL. But now, he is waving and smiling at New Yorkers, loved by strangers and elated to be the starting quarterback in a community where he was welcomed. Shortly before the 2009 NFL Draft, he desired to land with the Jets, begging the organization to pick him. And the Jets traded up to 12 spots for a franchise quarterback, stealing Sanchez with the fifth pick in the draft that granted him his wish, landing on a franchise where the stakes are usually high.

It was a place he wanted to be and he had no problem begging to land in an environment of such scrutiny and pressure. Sanchez, a native from Irvine, is a firefighter's son, a quarterback raised on the importance of hard work and dedication. The well-known quarterback can walk down the busy streets in Manhattan and run through Central Park to shake hands with strangers, more noticeable than Ryan, his buffoonish coach who has become the media's best friend by his absurd antics during postgame interviews.

Where Ryan no longer is -- Sanchez is the promising star leading an elite fraternity of a fundamentally sound team with a potent roster defensively and offensively. What are the odds the Jets win the Super Bowl?? It's feasible given the two prolific receivers with Santonio Holmes and the addition of Plaxico Burress.

Maybe it's now best Ryan guarantees a Super Bowl win. If so, it would mark the first Super Bowl title for the first time since Richard Nixon took office. Any team can shimmer and win it all -- particularly the Jets.

If the Jets win the Super Bowl anytime soon, thank Sanchez.


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