The Indiana Pacers have over $30 million in cap room for this off-season, so they look to make some big moves to help the squad achieve more in the playoffs next year than they did last season after falling to the Bulls in five games in the first round.

Indiana looks to do more than being an eighth seed. With two good point guards now on the squad with George Hill and Darren Collison, a growing star in Danny Granger, and an up-and-coming center in Roy Hibbert; Indiana looks to strive.

The Pacers also have Lance Stephenson, who has the skill-set to achieve in the league as well as A.J. Price, a solid back-up at point guard. Brandon Rush is also there, but inconsistency has been the issue to his struggles.

I was very impressed by Tyler Hansbrough and how well he did. But is he what we would call "starter-type?" In my opinion, I actually would rather see him as a sixth man, providing his fantastic energy off the bench and fuel up the crowd. He isn't what I want as starter. We need someone who could do more, and there are players out there that can.

Probably the only person who I thought Indiana would get is Carl Landry, but things changed after David West decided that he was not going to re-sign with the Hornets.

So who do we choose? Both have played for the same time and have the good enough skill-set to play on the Pacers' fast-paced squad. Who would it be?

Landry has done well, averaging about 17-7 for most of his career. He makes a case because you know Larry Bird loves guys from Indiana. And Landry is one of them, as he played for the Purdue Boilermakers in college. He is consistent and is a solid scorer.

David West is also pretty good as well, averaging around the same numbers for his career. But he has been more productive in the last few years, averaging a little more points and rebounds.

However, Landry is younger and is basically in his prime, turning 28 soon in about a month or so. West will be 31 years old in about week and will be out of his prime pretty soon.

And with the NBA Lockout that could go on for the rest of the year, West will probably be 32 if the Pacers decide to even sign him while Landry is still in his prime.

Listen, I like West, but the age concerns me and I don't think Indiana can have him for long. I have a feeling he could turn into a disappointment. I'd rather have Landry on the team, as he will be more beneficial. He is younger and -- like I said -- is in the stage of his prime years.

But who would you get if you were GM of the Pacers? For me, personally, I'd rather have Landry.

What do you think?


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