Chris McAlister has only been gone from the NFL for only a year. And he's not even officially retired. Why am I mentioning this? Because it's odd, as the Pro Bowl cornerback claims he is broke and is now living with his parents. 
In the docs, Chris -- a 1st round NFL draft pick in 1999 who played in the league for 10 years -- states, "I have been unemployed since 2009. I have no income."
He adds, "I live in my parent's home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so."
McAlister also has to deal with his ex-wife, plus child support, owing her $11,000 per month.

But I don't get how he got broke so fast after a year.

Shutdown Corner shows how much money McAlister made:

In 2004, he signed a seven-year, $55 million contract. Now, some of that was money that he never saw, and he was released after five years of the contract, so it wouldn't be accurate to say he completely squandered $55 million.

But he did squander plenty. The signing bonus was reportedly $10 million, and it also included a $7.5 million roster bonus for 2005. The year before he signed the contract, he made almost $6 million. The last two years of the $55 million contract, which McAlister didn't see, were worth $8 million each.
Like many have been saying, McAlister is now "broke as joke." And let's not forget his partying he has had, which might have also led to him getting broke.

McAlister should have gotten advice from Jonathan Odgen, who probably wouldn't pay a cent for a shoelace. It's sad to see him like this, because he was one hell of a defensive back at the time he played and was regarded as one of the top in the game.

McAlister is a three-time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion, playing for the Ravens and the New Orleans Saints in his last year. He had 339 tackles and 26 interceptions.

He's only 34 years old, maybe he can find a spot on a team still.

It's worth a shot.


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