Raiders vs Bills: 24-20 Raiders

The Bills put on an impressive show in Week 1 vs the Chiefs but will lose to the Raiders Sunday. The Raiders have a great run game, and despite losing Nnamdi Asomugha have a great defense as well. The Bills will improve this year, but they won't bring the explosiveness they brought to Kansas City this week.

Chiefs vs Lions: 27-17 Lions

The Lions are impressing everyone this year with a solid offense when Stafford is healthy, and a great defense. The Chiefs were great last season but were embarrassing to watch last week when they got whooped by the Bills. The Lions should win this one if Stafford plays well and continues to hit up Calvin Johnson in the endzone.

Ravens vs Titans: 31-13 Ravens

The Ravens demolished the Steelers last week, and should demolish the Titans this week. The Titans are coming off a weak loss to the Jaguars, and although Kenny Britt played great, Chris Johnson did not. If the Titans want to have any chance of winning this game, they need Chris Johnson to play up to his contract, or even better.

Browns vs Colts: 20-17 Browns

The Colts simply have no offense without #18. Kerry Collins did a mediocre job last week against the Texans despite having great receivers like Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, and tight end Dallas Clark. The Browns are coming off a loss to the Bengals but should bounce back against the Manning-less Colts. Expect Peyton Hillis to have a big game with Colts defensive veteran Gary Brackett out.

Bucs vs Vikings: 27-20 Vikings

The Bucs played terrible against the Lions last week, and will lose again to the Vikings this week. Their offense was atrocious as the run game and pass game both failed them. The Vikings are coming off a loss to the Chargers, a game that Donovan McNabb would like to forget. Adrian Peterson should have a fantastic game, and McNabb should rebound from a bad start in Week 1.

Bears vs Saints: 31-23 Saints

The Bears are coming off of a strong win against the Falcons last week, but were sad to hear the passing of Brian Urlacher's mother. This game will be an emotional one for Urlacher and the Bears, but the Saints will pull through with the win. The Saints are coming off of a close loss to the Packers in Week 1, but showed good signs on offense. Drew Brees played smart football, and as long as the defense plays decent, they should be able to defeat the Bears at home.

Jaguars vs Jets: 31-17 Jets

Both teams are coming off close wins in Week 1, as the Jaguars beat the Titans and the Jets beat the Cowboys. Even though both teams are 1-0, the Jets are by far the better team. The Jets defense will show the Jaguars that Luke McCown is not a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL.

Seahawks vs Steelers: 35-10 Steelers

Both teams are 0-1 after embarrassing losses in Week 1. The only difference between both teams is that the Steelers are actually good and the Seahawks are terrible. Big Ben and the Steelers' offense will rebound Sunday and the defense should be able to get their mojo back, when they face off against Tarvaris Jackson and the Seahawks' offense.

Cardinals vs Redskins: 24-23 Cardinals

Both the Cardinals and Redskins are 1-0 after beating the Panthers and Giants respectively. The Cardinals' offense is better than the Redskins, despite the Redskins scoring 28 points on the Giants. Kevin Kolb gets the nod over Rex Grossman and Larry Fitzgerald gets the nod over all of the Redskins' receivers combined.

Panthers vs Packers: 35-21 Packers

Cam Newton had a terrific performance in Week 1 despite losing to the Cardinals. He will not however, have the same results when the Panthers play the defending championship Packers Sunday. Aaron Rodgers will have a field day against the Panthers' defense, after Jon Beason went down with a season ending ACL injury.

Cowboys vs Niners: 24-16 Cowboys

The Cowboys should have won last week, and will get the win this week vs the 49'ers. Dez Bryan has proved that he is a big time threat to defenses this season and Miles Austin is just as big of a threat opposite Bryant. As long as Romo is throwing completions to the Cowboys and not the Niners' secondary, the Cowboys should pull out a victory in Week 2.

Bengals vs Broncos: 24-13 Broncos

The Broncos are coming off of a close loss to the Raiders on MNF as the Bengals are coming off of a surprising win vs the Browns. The Bengals offense will have a harder time scoring against the Broncos defense, and the Broncos offense should have an easier time scoring on the Bengals defense. Look for the Broncos to rebound and win in Week 2. Sorry Tim Tebow, but Kyle Orton will survive as the starting quarterback for another week.

Texans vs Dolphins: 28-17 Texans

The Texans looked incredible against the Colts this week, and should have another great game vs the Dolphins this week. The Texans' offense is just too good for most defenses in the league to handle, and Arian Foster playing will just make it more difficult for defenses.

Chargers vs Patriots: 28-27 Patriots

These two AFC powerhouses should have an exciting, down to the wire game this Sunday. The Chargers defense looked fantastic last week, and Tom Brady and the Patriots had a flawless night offensively, vs the Dolphins last week. Should be a nail-biter but advantage to the Patriots.

Eagles vs Falcons: 31-28 Eagles

Unfortunately, the Falcons will start off 0-2 which will surprise a lot of people. Michael Vick will have an emotional game vs his old team, but knowing Vick, he should have a spectacular game in the spotlight. The Falcons offense will be better than it was last week, but still won't be able to keep up with the explosive Eagles offense.

Rams vs Giants: 24-10 Giants

Both teams are coming off disappointing losses in Week 1. The Giants defense is almost all back-ups with most of the starters out with injuries. The Rams also got banged up in Week 1, with Steven Jackson getting injured early in the game. Jackson is a game time decision, but it won't even matter because whether or not he plays, the Giants will take this one on Monday night.


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