Chicago Bears' running back, Matt Forte, has been thrilling this season. The 25-year-old has been playing awesome so far, having 672 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Right now, Forte is scheduled to make $7 million next year and the Bears are looking to get him a new contract. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the maximum Bears can offer right now is between $13-14 million.

They may also franchise-tag Forte if a deal doesn't get done. However, that will be the least thing Forte will be looking forward to.

"That's not something I'm looking forward to," Forte said. "I don't want a one-year deal. I want a long-term extension. I think if they use the franchise tag that's kind of a cheap way to go out. That's not what I'm looking forward to. I want a long-term extension. I've been drafted by Chicago. I want to stay there so it's not something I'm looking forward to."

Forte has been playing great and currently leads the NFL with yards from scrimmage with 1,091 yards. He is the fastest player to reach to 1,000 with yards from scrimmage, having fewer games than Tiki Barber and Priest Holmes, who both did it in 2004.

"Everybody who is doing anything no matter what you're doing if you're working and doing an exceptional job you want your boss to kind of notice that and not a pat on the back but compensate you for what you're doing," Forte said. "That's in anything you're doing. It kind of makes you feel undervalued."

Bears will need to get Forte to a contract, or things aren't going to look pretty. 


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