Boise State president, Bob Kustra, says that the university has not yet received an invitation to join the Big East conference. Kustra said that he has been in informational talks with the conference, but nothing yet has gotten done so far.

Kustra has factors of what conference he would like to join:

"We have two objectives for Boise State. One is to make sure that we are a member of a conference that has maximized the opportunity for revenue to build an even stronger program and that comes thru TV and media rights. 

"Secondly it's very important for us to think about AQ status. We believe year after year as we're nationally ranked we deserve the same type of opportunities as those teams who are in the AQ conferences. And for a long time we've felt that way. So we're very much interested in finding a way to get that AQ status. We're going to do it very carefully.

"We may not make a move at all. We love the Mountain West. I voted yesterday for this merger between Conference USA and the Mountain West because I sincerely believe it's the best thing for the Mountain West Conference, of which I am a member.

"But I also recognize as president of Boise State that I have some responsibility to our fans, to our alumni, to our students, to the community that has built this incredible team, to the coaches, (football) coach (Chris) Petersen ... it's imperative that we give them the opportunity they deserve to build an even stronger program and to get the access they deserve in postseason play. Now the way we're doing it is incredibly difficult to get that access."
Big East commissioner, John Marinatto, said that the conference hasn't "extended membership invitations to any institutions."

It looks interesting, but we'll see how everything will turn out sooner or later. 


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