Indiana got whooped by the Wisconsin Badgers, falling in a 59-7 that featured their quarterback, Russel Wilson, throwing and even catching a touchdown as the No. 4 ranked team improves their record to 6-0. Indiana falls to 1-6.

Wilson was 12-of-17 for 166 yards and a touchdown, including a 25-yard catching touchdown as well.

It was 28-0 before Indiana could finally score a touchdown, with a 67-yard run by Stephen Houston with four minutes to go in the game. Houston had 135 yards in the game, more than the Hoosiers' passing game, who was 8-of-20 for 64 yards and two interceptions, led by the combination of Edward Wrigh-Baker and Tre Roberson.

It was an ugly showing by IU, but a strong showing for the Badgers, finding out the great skills of Wilson.

"I knew I was going to catch it," Wilson said of the touchdown pass he got from his running back, Montee Ball. "I was hoping Montee would make a great throw like he's been doing all week. We were 10 for 10 during the week on it, so I knew it was going to be a touchdown."

Ball wasn't happy with the touchdown pass he threw to the Heisman candidate, but it was good enough for a Badgers' blowout victory.

"It was terrible," Ball said. "Because he was wide open and I was nervous. I was nervous when I let the ball go. But he did a great job of tracking it down."

Ball knows how it feels now to throw in a football game.

"I came over to the sideline and said, 'Montee, great throw,' " Wilson said. "He said, 'You had me nervous there.' I said, 'What do you mean?' And he said, 'It's a lot harder to throw during a game,' and I said, 'Now you see how I feel every week.' "

Ball was mad good, with 142 rushing yards and three touchdowns, and 25 passing yards and a touchdown. James White also helped out in the rushing attack, with 87 yards.

With the loss, the Hoosiers now fall to 0-3 in the Big Ten conference. However, last year's loss was much much worse, having an 83-20 blowout. Things have not been good at all when IU faces Wisconsin.

Indiana will face another tough opponent next, as they go on to take on Iowa. Can they beat the Hawkeyes? With how they have been playing so far this year, I think not.

But let's hope for the best.


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