Daryll Clark did it once. Now he’ll have to do it again.

I am referring, of course, to the unspeakably difficult act of succeeding in the colossal shadow of THE Anthony Morelli. After failing to make the roster of the Omaha Nighthawks in UFL training camp, Clark is throwing his hat back in the ring; this time in the Arena Football League.

The all-time great Penn State quarterback was 1 of 20 players to receive an invitation to Pittsburgh’s training camp. The team hasn’t started offering contracts yet, but chances seem to be high that Clark will get a look from the team that went through 5 quarterbacks, including Morelli, last season. That being said, he was beat out by Eric Crouch at quarterback just a few months ago…

This will likely be Clark’s last shot of making it on pro football, so let’s hope this works out for one of the best Penn State footballers of the past decade.


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