Indiana scored a bunch in this game. They played some good offense. The only problem? Northwestern was just only better, beating the Hoosiers in a 59-38 victory.

IU fell, as this was a homecoming game here at Memorial Stadium. Indiana will fall to 1-8, including 0-5 in the Big Ten. The Wildcats improved to 3-5, and 1-4 in the Big Ten.

However, Northwestern just kept piling on points, as if they were playing Rookie mode on NCAA Football 12. The combined score for the game was big, and if the Wildcats scored once more, it would be the highest-scoring game in Big Ten history. However, Northwestern kneeled down three times...in the Hoosiers' 20.

Dan Persa was very accurate, going 16-of-20 for 261 yards with three touchdowns. The fourth quarter got embarrassing for the Hoosiers' defense, as Persa taken out and backup Kain Colter came in. Colter had two passes, both for touchdowns. Colter also had six catches for 115 yards, too.

A couple records were broken for Northwestern today. One was by Colter, as he became the first player to have 100 receiving yards and two touchdown passes. Then there was Wildcats tight end, Drake Dunsmore, who had four touchdown, tying a single-game record. Dunsmore also broke the school career record for most receiving yards by a tight end. He had 112 in this game.

Northwestern was just dominating on offense and there was just no way IU could stop them. The halftime score read 38-21. Yes, that was the halftime score! The game was just that high-scoring.

The Hoosiers have lost six straight in a row now and allowed a team to score more than 40 points for the fourth time in a row. The last time they did that was in 2005, when they had five games of allowing their opponent to score 40-plus points.

Tre Roberson played pretty good for a freshman and is showing that he can hopefully be the guy for IU in years to come. He went 14-of-26 for 169 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also had 121 yards and another score on the ground , as IU's rushing game was the only good highlight of the day. Running back, Stephen Houston, had 151 yards and two scores. D'Angelo Roberts also added a score, along with 38 yards.

Things haven't been looking great, but you can see IU does have talent to compete. Kevin Wilson is building a strong program. This is only the first year, but hopefully Indiana can improve. They got the talent.

They will have a very tough game next week, as they take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. It will be the battle of the freshman quarterbacks with Roberson and Braxton Miller. This will be an interesting match-up.


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