Things were looking great for Oakland Raiders' quarterback, Jason Campbell...until he broke his collarbone. The quarterback was well on his way to earning a contract extension and possibly reaching high levels among quarterbacks in the league.

But after Campbell was injured, the Raiders traded a bunch of assets to get Carson Palmer, who refused to play with his Cincinnati Bengals. Palmer will finally see some action this year, as the 30-year-old will most likely be starter.

According to several sources, however, Palmer won't play for this week's match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs, as he does not have enough time to learn the system. Instead, Oakland went with Kyle Boller.

Campbell, however, was surprised about the decision by Oakland. Campbell said he found out about the big trade via television.

From Pro Football Talk:

"I was halfway still on pain medicine. It was kind of a moment of silence. My fiancée looked at me to see if I was gonna say something. There's different things that go through your mind but you don't want to fill your mind with those thoughts."

"I started receiving these text messages and everything about, you know, 'Hey what's going on?' and 'There's been a trade' and everything, and 'They've just given up a first round.'" [...]

"As a player in this league, you can't worry about the things that go on from a business side of it, the political side of it. You know what you're worth, you know what you've done to help the franchise you've got here, put us in the position we're in now."

It's pretty sad for Campbell, as his future could be done in Oakland now. According to ESPN, Campbell could be back in about six weeks, but Palmer will most likely be the guy taking over by the time he comes back.

Campbell was playing solid this year, helping Oakland to a 4-2 record so far. I think Campbell deserves more respect from the franchise, as he has done a lot more than many has thought.

Wherever Campbell may go next, I wish the man best of luck. I think he has a legitimate shot maybe still with the Raiders, though. He could be brought back for one more year and have a battle with Palmer for the starting job.

Then again, Palmer may struggle and the Raiders could just dump him after this season. Campbell has shown himself as a good quarterback, and a solid back-up. I'm anxious to see if Terrelle Pryor will join into this discussion.

Whatever may be the conclusion, it's going to be exciting what it will be. But we know for sure: the Raiders' quarterback future is going to be interesting to watch.


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