The Detroit Lions were the talk of the league after their stellar 5-0 start, but that seemed to be the stage where they reached their peak this season. Since then, they’ve added two games in the L column, both of them dropped at home to NFC rivals no less. The two teams which put a cap on the Lion’s flawless run were the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons.

While it’s not quite time for panic in Motown, adjustments have to be considered. In their last two games, the Lions have been quite unimpressive both offensively and defensively. As far as the defense is concerned, well it gave up 332 rushing yards in the two losses. QB Matthew Stafford has had a pretty rough time in those two games too: he took 15 hits and he got sacked 8 times. To add insult to the injury (or injury to the insult rather), Stafford has suffered a right leg injury in the 4th quarter of the game against the Falcons. Another problem the reality of which is only now starting to sink in with the Lions is the loss of RB Jahvid Best, which has been hurting their offense too.

There’s no better indicator of the team’s gradual decline though than the point totals they have posted in their last 3 games. Apparently, they had hit their peak against the Cowboys in Week 4. They racked up 34 points then. They followed it up with a 24 point effort, followed by a 19 and a 16 point tally in their last two games. The first priority for the team now is to stop this downward trend, and their Week 8 games against the Denver Broncos will offer them the perfect opportunity to do just that. If they fail against the Broncos too, then they should indeed reach for those pocket rockets .


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