No, it’s not a full-blown mutiny yet, it’s just a growing chorus of voices discontent with the team’s practice habits. The Miami Dolphins are 0-3 thus far this season and the lack of results always translates into criticism, some of which just happens to come now from within the team’s ranks.

The Dolphins’ loss to the Cleveland Browns has exposed some pretty stringent problems in the red zone, and according to WR Davone Bess, those problems are not something the defense can even be blamed for. Bess said that the errors which led to the messing up of plays that could’ve resulted in touchdowns, all stemmed from a lack of communication. According to Bess, the Dolphins are facing problems regarding discipline before everything else, and discipline is something that should be addressed during practice and not during actual games. Receiver Brian Hartline confirmed Bess’ angle, adding that confusion often reigned in the offense because of the different signals players were apparently getting.

Chad Henne confirmed the communication problems as well, but the one who quite probably gave the best definition of the Dolphins’ Red Zone woes was RB Reggie Bush who said that team was committing the same communication-born mistakes during practice, but they just didn’t take the time and didn’t put in the effort to correct them. According to Bush, once the team as a whole begins to address those issues in practice rather than attempting to address them during actual games, a better Dolphins team will emerge, one that will probably earn props for shaking off the disastrous 0-3 start.

It’s not the first time critical voices from within have ripped the team’s practice habits. After the Dolphins’ loss to the Houston Texans in Week 2, LB Jason Taylor stepped forth with similar accusations. RB Daniel Thomas and safety Jeremiah Bell have also complained about poor practice habits.


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