St. John's Red Storm's basketball coach, Steve Lavin, will have to undergo surgery on Thursday. Lavin was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Fall 2010.

Lavin was closely monitored with his condition by his doctors until just recently he has to go have a more aggressive treatment. He will have surgery or radiation treatment.

"The advantage of early detection is that we were afforded the time to research all options," Lavin said. "After weighing treatment options with the experts at [Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center] we have decided surgery is the best path to take for my particular prostate cancer condition. We are confident that this course of treatment will lead to a cancer-free life."

Dr. Peter T. Scardino says he expects a quick and full recovery for Lavin.

"It is highly likely that this treatment will completely cure Coach Lavin's condition, and because of his age and overall health, we anticipate a full return to his coaching duties," he said in the statement.

I wish the best of luck to Lavin and I wish him a speedy and successful recovery.


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