While the Yankees finished up the regular season going 15-12 compared to the impressive 7-20 record the Red Sox put together, both teams’ seasons ultimately ended in similar fashion – with their high-powered offenses going silent and their best pitchers faltering in a do or die game.

Just how bad was last night’s 3-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers? God knows New York had countless opportunities. New York went 2-9 with runners in scoring position, including a clutch 0-4 with the bases loaded. A-Rod hit .118 for the series, getting shown up by Mark Texiera’s .167 average. All of the earned runs in last nights game? Charged to either CC Sabathia or Ivan Nova, who were 35-12 combined on the season.

It’s now time for New York to feel the sting of disappointment.

Likewise for the Rays, who lost their series to Texas after punching the Red Sox in the gut and stealing the wild card. I always thought that the Rays had the pitching to win, but knew that they lacked the pop to get past the Yankees, Texas or Detroit. That was not the issue for the Yankees.

While there’s no doubt that the Red Sox are in the midst of a plethora of now well documented issues, the bottom line is the AL East did not produce a complete team this season – a team with serious championship potential. While there’s no doubt that the Red Sox were the biggest disappointment, especially given the expectations, none of these teams could make it past the Division Series. Tampa would play only 6 days longer than Boston, New York only 8. Everybody is now at home golfing – frustrated, disappointed, and with plenty of doubt.

I for one am looking forward to next season. May one team be good enough to make the ALCS.


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