Another job opening, another Mike Leach rumor. After being metioned for the Tulane opening last week, Leach is being linked to the Ole Miss job after the Rebels canned Houston Nutt.

Let's see here, there have been Leach rumors of him going to Arizona, both of the New Mexico schools, Tulane, Florida International, even UCLA and they still have Rick Neuheisel at the helm, and now Ole Miss.

Leach sounds as if he's interested in the job if the Rebels will have him.

“I haven’t heard from anybody, but I’m not too hard to find,” Leach said. “It’s a great job. I’m sure the (Ole Miss) administration has a certain individual it is looking for, and I’m sure they’ll find the right guy.”

No one knows if Leach will actually be a candidate for the job. There is the matter of the pending lawsuit against Texas Tech, which probably means he won't be coaching anywhere.

Leach is one of the brighter offensive minds in the college game and would be a great hire. I do think he brings a lot to the table when it comes to exciting football. I think he will end up at some sort of middle of the road BCS team and Ole Miss could be it. No coach that is thinking of winning a national championship is going to Ole Miss, but Leach clearly would. They should make the call.


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