Nov. 5 may not be the last time college football fans get to watch No. 1 LSU vs. No. 2 Alabama this season.

The two SEC powerhouses are without a doubt the two best college football teams in the nation as of right now, and look to remain that way even after one has lost Saturday night.

The BCS has a way of rewarding SEC or power conference programs while often times handing down harsh, unfair results to non-automatic qualifying conference teams.

As mentioned time and again by college football experts, the hype surrounding Nov. 5's epic clash is enough to beg the question: Will they meet again?

The answer is maybe, just a maybe for now.

Obviously a narrow Crimson Tide win paints the best possible picture of why there should be a rematch for the computers.

Alabama has the advantage of playing at home, and if LSU plays them tough on the road and comes up short, why wouldn't an 11-1 Tiger team be in the running for the BCS National Championship Game.

There is no need to get into the overwhelming statistics about the two nearly-identical teams; they both have dominated their rather challenging schedules to this point, they don't allow teams to score on them and they score at will. That about wraps it up.

The winner is four wins away from a guaranteed spot in the BCS title game, while the loser is potentially three wins and an Oklahoma State and Stanford loss away from a much-anticipated rematch.

The winner will be the favorite to win the SEC over either South Carolina or Georgia from the East division, which presents one more chance of a stumble before a January title appearance.

The two teams have split the last four meetings, and each has won a National Championship in the past four years.

Saturday night's matchup looks to be just the beginning of an epic 2011 season for No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama.

A low-scoring, defensive game that is sure to come down to the wire will captivate fans, voters and computers alike.

Why not call for an encore before the performance begins.


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