After a long 149 grueling days, the NBA Lockout has finally ended after the players and owners reached to an agreement last night.

We will have a 66-game season with training camp starting on December 9th. The season will start on Christmas with featured games like the Knicks and Celtics, Mavericks and Heat, and the Bulls and Lakers.

Thank God we have the NBA. I was getting worried a bit about watching college basketball and then going on my computer and trying to watch live feeds of NBA players ballin' overseas. It would just be hectic.

But the NBA is back! It's going to be interesting for the players that went overseas, though. What about Lamar Odom, who signed a contract with the Besiktas yesterday? What will Wilson Chandler do, as he has no out-clause with his team in China?

We'll see what happens, but there is one thing for sure: we have an NBA season, folks!



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