Is Henne one to shy away from playing through injury or not? According to ex-QB and analyst Jim Miller, he is. After all, he refused to play though a separated shoulder in week 4. Henne came out swinging on Monday though and not only did he obliterate Miller’s theory, he brought the war of words right to him, after all, Miller himself only started in 27 games during his 11 season NFL career, so he wasn’t exactly bluffing on a made hand either.

In an interview done for the South Florida Sentinel, the Miami Dolphins’ Henne said he would play through anything and that he was gung-ho about the team. Henne had just had surgery on his shoulder. He also mentioned something about people bashing others on account of something they know nothing about.
Henne’s play has improved quite a bit this season, yet his future with Miami is still quite unclear. In his above said interview, Henne addressed that issue too. He said he wasn’t sure where he would end up and that he had his mind constantly on what the future would bring, but he said whatever there was in store for him, he would remain forever grateful for the opportunity to have been able to play in Miami.

In other news: veteran tight end Jeremy Shockey of the Carolina Panthers said he wanted to sign another contract extension with the team and be part of the rebuilding process. Having spent time with the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints, Shockey appears ready to settle down and a find a place to call home.
In an interview given to the Charlotte Observer, Shockey said he wanted to hang around to see the team grow. He didn’t want to go anywhere else because of the amount of hard work he had put in with the Panthers.
Thus far Shockey has played in 8 straight games for the Panthers, following an injury-ridden 3-season run with the Saints.


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