Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton broke the NFL single-season record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback on Sunday in Tampa Bay.

Newton plopped into the end zone on this rather lazy run by his standards for his third rushing TD of the game, and fourth total TD on the day.

The three ground scores give Newton 13 for the year, which is a brand-spanking new NFL record—which he'll likely snap sometime in the near future.

The freak of nature under center has a monster arm attached to that ridiculous frame, but prefers running over defenders and giving himself a reason to pull out his signature Superman celebration in the end zone.

He threw for a rookie-best 432 yards against the Packers in Week 2.

Despite the disappointing record the Panthers are sporting in 2011, no one is taking them or their rock-solid QB lightly, and likely won't for a very long time.

The No. 1 pick made the Bucs' D look like Alabama's in the second half of the Iron Bowl last year.

There will be no BCS National Championship appearance for Newton this January, but imagine the devastation that the rest of the overrated SEC would suffer if there were.

Newton has been overwhelmingly dominant all season long, just as this piece of video evidence proves. When he can limit the turnovers and Carolina can draft a defense, look out.


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