It's playoff time in the NFL and it seems the New York Jets are stealing all the headlines. First it was their ugly ouster from playoff contention, followed by backup Greg McElroy saying the locker room was corrupt and Erik Ainge's reply. Don't forget Bart Scott was fined $10,000 for flipping off a cameraman. All Jets all the time.

Retired player Kris Jenkins was a member of the Jets during the 2009 and 2010 seasons, which were Mark Sanchez's first two years in the league. He also had an opinion about the McElroy comments which ended up with Jenkins blasting Sanchez.

“The No. 1 quarterback should have said that a long time ago,” Jenkins said. “It would have been all part of the process of him growing a pair and standing up and being a man. But the thing is, he lost his because he got caught up in the wash that is New York, the spotlight, taking pictures in the magazines and doing all that stuff. That’s just what everybody has seen with Mark Sanchez, they got tired of it.”

“Mark wants to be a leader but there’s a difference between wanting it and taking it,” Jenkins said. “He’s always trying to be a crowd pleaser. He’s always trying to be nice. He wants to be a leader but he won’t take it.”

Sounds like the Jets have another Joe Namath on their hands. I know, Namath did win a Super Bowl and is a Hall of Famer. But his stats weren't that great. Remember Namath was known in New York for his "good looks" and being in the New York limelight.

Sanchez is no 'Broadway Joe', but the off field parallels are the same.


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