The last time anyone saw Micahel Finley in the NBA he was a spare part in the Boston Celtics' run to the NBA finals in 2010. His ankle hadn't fully healed from injury so he wasn't used in the playoffs. Everyone figured that Finley was done, but he never officially retired. Well, Finley feels that he still has more left in the tank and wants another shot in the NBA. 

“When I went to Boston, my ankle wasn’t 100 percent,” Finley said. “So afer that season, I got my ankle worked on. I’ve been working hard to get that at 100 percent. I feel a lot better than during my time in Boston.

“With the lockout and the shortened season, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more injuries than usual since there’s been not much of a training camp. I’m just working hard to be in shape and prepared in case an NBA team calls me.”

“I got offers from the D-League before (Ricky Davis or Greg Ostertag) ever thought about playing in the D-League,” Finley said. “My thing is, I want to play basketball, I would enjoy playing in the D-League, but at the same time I don’t want to take an opportunity away from a young guy to get exposure. I’m still thinking about it. If the right situation comes, where I could be something like a player-coach, maybe I would take that opportunity.”

So he's still open to playing overseas or in the D-league. At least he doesn't feel that he should be given a shot because of past accomplishments. He wants to try to earn a spot. If he shows that he could still be a contributor he might get the opportunity. I think it could work for him on a team chasing a title. There a lesser players in the league right now that are sitting the bench stealing money.


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