Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey is one of the stronger voices in the team's locker room. So when he speaks teammates listen. Bailey has given quarterback Tim Tebow a vote of confidence following John Elway's announcement that Tebow will be named the starter going in to next season's training camp.

Bailey says he's behind Tebow, but also points out what he needs to work on.

“I think Tim has a lot to prove still,” Bailey said today on Jim Rome Is Burning. “He’s proven he can win some tough games. Now it’s just being consistent. One thing about him, he’s going to work at it. And I’m behind him 100 percent.

“I think at some point he’ll have to be if he wants to play a long time,” Bailey said. “That’s one area he’s going to have to improve to be elite in this league. But the things he does running the ball — he can make some throws, it’s just being comfortable doing it. He’s got to get better at it, and when he does, the sky’s the limit for him.”

“I think at some point he’s going to have to improve with his arm, which would make him even more deadly,” Bailey said.

Bailey points out what everyone knows, but I give him credit for not trashing Tebow for his style of play. I wasn't a big Tebow fan when he was at Florida, but I couldn't find a reason to bash him because the man was a winner. 

I second Bailey's opinion because I do believe Tebow will work hard to make himself better which will make his team better. We all know he can win games, even if he did it in an ugly manner.   
Written by Chris Edwards, Reporter (Archive/RSS)

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