All Tebow, all the time. it seems we can't get away from Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. There is always some kind of news involving Tebow. See how many times I've mentioned his name?

The latest news is that Democratic Rep. Sal Pace has invited Tebow to lead them in the morning prayer. Pace said in the letter that Tebow is an excellent choice to "give Colorado's elected officials guidance as we take on the important task of leading Colorado."

"You have inspired Colorado. You have inspired America!" Pace wrote. "Throughout your career you have consistently proven the naysayers wrong."

"By leading the Denver Broncos into the playoffs, and giving us our first playoff victory in six years, you have given all of Colorado something to cheer about, in times that have been filled with all too often negative news," Pace said in the letter.

"Our schedule is flexible, as we do not want to take you away from any practice prior to the AFC Championship game or Super Bowl," Pace wrote while making the assumption that the Broncos will pull off another upset this weekend.

Tebow's not my favorite player, but I do give him scores of credit for putting together the kind of season he has. Not many gave him a chance when he came out of Florida for the NFL Draft. Now he's quickly embarking on legend status, at least in Denver. I just find it comical that he receives all this press and others look to him for inspiration.

I don't think he can pull off the win against the New England Patriots  this weekend, but anything is possible in the world of Tebow.
Written by Chris Edwards, Reporter (Archive/RSS)

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