As you may have heard, the Indianapolis Colts look like they will be drafting Andrew Luck for sure now with the number one overall pick in April's draft, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. I'm not surprised with the decision, as you just can't pass up on a player like Luck. 

But with this decision, I have been reading many articles now that Indy will give up on Peyton Manning and basically just cut or trade him. Honestly, when I hear things like this, it really isn't music to my ears. 


First of all, I just can't see Jim Irsay giving up on their franchise-quarterback. Listen I heard all the reasons: 
  • He's a soon-to-be 36-year-old quarterback with three neck surgeries
  • He can't play anymore with a bad neck like that. 
  • It's time for a new fresh start for Indianapolis. 
  • Manning won't return to his old form. 
  • You can't have so much of your salary committed to two quarterbacks in Manning and Luck. 
Alright, first of all, yes the neck injury is very serious. But consider this: It's Peyton Manning for crying out loud! I don't think any other quarterback can make as fast of progress that Manning has from a neck injury like that. He's the hardest working player, as say many experts, He's already throwing now and he just continues to get better and healthier.

And if he can't play anymore with a bad neck like that, what is he doing right now? I don't think his future should be in question because I do in fact think he's back. He has AT LEAST two years of playing left in him.

And time for a new fresh start in Indy? Please, not yet, at least. Once Manning is gone, then yes. But as it looks like it, I don't think it will happen. And why? Well consider this: What if Andrew Luck doesn't turn out to become what he was destined to be? What if he is a bust? Why get rid of Manning for a guy who hasn't taken a snap in the NFL yet?

Yes, he may the next best prospect since Manning was in 1998, but so was Ryan Leaf. A lot of people paid attention to him, too. What if Luck has a career like Leaf? You say Manning's future is in question? How about Luck's? We don't even know what he's capable of in the NFL yet.

And yes, Manning won't return to his old form...barely. He might start off a little shaky but I bet he'll still play like an All-Pro quarterback, no doubt.

For the salary part, I agree: that is a lot of money the Colts will have for two players at the same position if they were to draft Luck. Manning has $28 million due next year and the Colts can consider a pay-cut. And that comes into my next factor.


Manning is too loyal to this franchise, so of course he will take the pay-cut. I mean, it's a no-brainer. He has to! After missing a season, he's going to and then you'll have the right amount of money for two players.

As for Jim Irsay, he's too loyal to Peyton Manning to cut him or trade him. You really think he would do that? Manning is a guy who helped make Indiana a football-state for the past 14 years. Let Manning go early, and you'll see a lot of lost revenue for Indiana. We already have IU and the Pacers winning again as Indiana slowly turns back into a dominant basketball state once again fully. Irsay won't let a guy like Manning walk.

Right now, the Colts have a perfect scenario set. Manning will play for another one or two years, retire, and then let Luck take over. For Luck, learning behind Manning for two seasons instead of starting right away would be a much better decision for him.

And I think that will happen. With how close the Luck and Manning families are, the Colts' future looks good right now.

Just don't let Manning go.


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