Giants-Patriots.  We've seen this story before, and it ended in a miracle when New York stopped the Patriots' perfect season in an amazing 17-14 victory back in 2008 in the Super Bowl.

This year's Super Bowl felt much the same. Deja-Vu, if you look at it. Both teams still had some of the main players intact, with the Giants riding a 9-7 record (close to 10-6 from the 2008 championship team), and New England finishing as the best team in the AFC (13-3).

This time, it looked as if there was more drama, especially if you consider the location: Indianapolis. Peyton Manning's arch-rival and little brother would be playing for a Super Bowl championship in the house that he built: Lucas Oil Stadium.

Both quarterbacks had to prove something. Could Eli prove he was an elite quarterback? Was he clutch enough and can handle the pressure? Can he finally shed the label of being "Peyton's Little Brother?" As for Brady, does he still have his playoff-magic? Can he tie Joe Montana for the fourth ring? Can he avoid another loss to the Giants?

For the past four years, the Giants have had the Patriots number. It started in the 2007-08 regular season, when New York almost stopped New England's perfect season in Week 17, eventually losing 38-35. But they were able to get them in the Super Bowl. Then this regular season, when they the Giants won. And now, they have prevailed again...in the Super Bowl.

It felt like watching The Hangover 2. A new movie, and the same good ol' story.

As for the Giants, they were just superb. It started out on the Patriots' first offensive drive, ending up in a safety as the Giants' pressure got to Brady, forcing an intentional grounding that resulted in a safety. The Giants capped it off with a two-yard pass to Victor Cruz.

The second quarter went back and forth, with the Giants failing to get a score. New England took advantage of it, ending the second quarter with Tom Brady finding Danny Woodhead in the end zone for a four-yard score. The Patriots led, 10-9.

This followed by a halftime show, led by Madonna. Honestly, it was boring as hell. I just hope that they bring a rapper for the halftime show now. I think it is now time. I mean, how great would it be seeing Jay-Z and Kanye West performing "Otis" on the stage there? Plus, more controversy has come. This time, it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. If you look closely, rapper M.I.A. flips the bird.

After a boring-ass halftime show, the game was back on, Everything was going the Patriots' way in the third quarter, starting it off just right as Brady found an easy and open Aaron Hernandez for the score to put them up, 17-9.

Could it actually happen? Could Brady actually win his fourth ring, here, in Indianapolis. No, no. It couldn't be. It would be the worst for any Colts fan: having your team go 2-14 with your quarterback out and ending the season with your arch-rival winning the Super Bowl...in your town.

The Giants were able to keep it close. closing out the third with a 17-15 deficit. That is when the fourth quarter started rolling, as it was the most exciting and thrilling part of the whole game (especially with the Super Bowl commercials that were just god-awful this year).

The Patriots were rolling down the field and it looked like they were going to close out the game when Tom Brady found a wide-open Wes Welker down the field. It was over.

But then, magic happened.

He dropped it.

Wait, he dropped it?!? Wes Welker! Welker does it? No way. It can't be.

On 3rd and 11, Brady tried finding Deion Branch for the first down, but he couldn't hold on and then took a blow from a Giants' defender. New York caught a huge break, and the momentum shifted all to their side.

With 3:46 remaining, it looked like it was time for the Eli Manning show. And just like 2008. Manning found his David Tyree moment: a 38-yard pass to the left of the field to Mario Manningham. Manningham had a similar story like Tyree. Tyree was dropping passes everywhere during the practices, but was able to get a miraculous helmet catch over Rodney Harrison in the Super Bowl. For Manningham, he screwed up a big play as he could have a caught a huge, long pass to the right of the field, but he faded to the right too quickly and it was out of bounds earlier in the game. He made up for it big on this drive.

Manningham would come up with more big catches, as the Giants drove in the red zone. On 2nd and goal, Ahmad Bradshaw found an open lane to get a six-yard score. It looked as if he wouldn't score, as he stopped right at the one-yard-line, but then just fell in on his back. His butt was in the end zone before the ball. Maybe he tried going Shaq on them saying, "Hey Bill and Brady, tell me how my ass tastes."

With that and a failed two-point conversion sadly, the Giants were still leading, 21-17, with 57 seconds to go. But this game wasn't over. Not by a long shot, especially with Mr. Brady at quarterback. Anything is possible with him. Could he put up another game-winning drive? It didn't start out well, as he got sacked on third down with about 30 seconds to go.

It was 4th and 16 with no timeouts left. Brady was able to get a first down to Deion Branch. Somehow, he did it. But then, it followed by big drops, featuring Aaron Hernandez and Welker. With five seconds to go on the 49-yard-line, there was only one hope for the Patriots: Hail Mary. And it failed.

That was the ball game. The New York Giants are Super Bowl champions, winning their second in four years, and fourth in franchise history.

As for Eli, he has one more ring than his brother, Peyton. And once and for all, Eli proved he was elite. For Brady, is his magic lost for good? I wouldn't say so, but it's for sure now that the Giants have got their number. And as for a little ol' Colts fan like me, I'm glad to see little Tom and Bill suffer.

"Two hundred and twenty-eight countries just saw Eli," running back Brandon Jacobs said. "I don't have to say anything."

The Giants deserved this one.

It was a Giant victory, and it was an amazing way to cap off a rollercoaster NFL season!
Written by Josh Dhani, Founder (Archive/RSS)

Josh has been writing since 2009 and founded FootBasket in April 2009. He also owns the website, Hardcourt Mayhem. For a full bio, check out JoshDhani.com. Follow him on Twitter @JoshDhani


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