Who do you want in the finals? Another Mavericks and Heat battle? Or maybe Heat and Lakers. Perhaps Heat and Thunder. Well here’s my list (in particular order) of the match-up that would make me set my DVR, make me turn on the TV, miss my own graduation, and other things that I actually would never do, just so I can watch the games. I do ignore probability. That means, I could say Bobcats vs Hornets. Look at this as if you had the ultimate power to put anybody you wanted in the finals. Who would you choose?

Lakers vs Celtics

Another battler between two rivals. Both teams are rather old and their championship windows are closing (Celtics closing faster; might be closed already). That’s a battle I would like to see again.

Nuggets vs 76ers

This would be the battle of no stars. Both teams don’t have that big name all-star but are both playing well. Some say the future of the league could be the way these two teams play: everybody is the star. The mystery of not knowing who exactly will step up on any given night sounds pretty cool too.

Note: I’m a huge Sixers fan and I’m practicing great restraint to not pick the Sixers in the finals vs every western team.

Spurs vs Celtics

Another battle of the old guys, but this one is a bit more accurate. Both of these teams have old stars who really just aren’t going to be able to play at the high level they used to play. One last shot for glory.

Mavericks vs Heat

Rematch of the teams from last year. Let’s ask ourselves a silly question: Can LeBron James beat Texas teams in the Finals? His Cavaliers got destroyed by the Spurs, and then James lost again in the Finals vs the Mavs. Hey, I’m just throwing it out there. Facts are facts. Perhaps the Rockets and Heat need to meet. If the Heat lose to the Rockets, then James may have his weakness against the state of Texas.

Thunder vs Heat

Um, hello? Who doesn’t want to see this? LeBron James against Kevin Durant. In these times, James has been labeled the villain. Durant is like a saint. He’s the guy who is sticking around in a “smaller” market versus James leaving his small market. Come on I know I’m not the only one who has thought this would make a very entertaining match-up. It feels right.

So what other battles would you like to see? Or maybe my list is good enough for your taste.


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