Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as i continue with the rankings of the best cornermen in NBA History. The term "cornerman" refers to a player that's capable to play both forward positions.

Also, these players can be called strech forwards as well. There are usually two types of cornermen. The first ones are small forwards who either have the height or strength to play at power forward.

On the other hand, the second type of players are guys who are power forwards yet have the size and agility to guard a small forward plus a deadly jumper to compliment that.

Who ranks on top? Without further ado, let's find out.

11.Bobby Jones

Height: 6'9

Weight: 210 lbs

An admired, hard nosed and tough player who played defense that a rare group of players matched, Bobby Jones is one of the greatest cornermen of all time.

At 6'9, Bobby had the needed size and physical gifts to excel in the role of a strech forward. He possessed nice tenacity and hustle also that complimented quite well his great versatility.

Jones was arguably the best defensive stopper in NBA History. He was capable to defend and shut down a player from any position on the court. For his excellence, he earned ten All-First Defensive Teams in his combined NBA/ABA career.

Additionally, he was a great presence on the boards and efficient scorer who led three times in field goal percentages. He was a star in his days despite being a defensive minded player.

10.LeBron James

Height: 6'8

Weight: 230 lbs

A remarkably gifted forward who's got a brilliant skill set and perhaps unmatched physical gifts over his opponents, LeBron James is the best player in the league now and one of the greatest cornermen of any time.

Although he isn't exactly known as a cornerman, LeBron has started to switch in this role more often since he's been a member of the Heatles.

His combination of physical advantages and skills have allowed him to excel as a strech forward, as he certainly has the needed things to play in this role.

Now, with his new post up game, he creates even bigger issues for opposing defenses and can find the open man with ease. Considering his remarkable play in the season so far, it'll be no surprise if he wins his third MVP award that tells a lot about him.

Why above Jones? Because of the fact that James has been a MVP worthy player in his last two season with the Heat, despite seeing less time as a cornerman.

9.Shawn Marion

Height: 6'7

Weight: 220 lbs

Shawn Marion's been a consistent, productive and versatile forward who's quietly produced. He's one of the greatest cornermen to step on a NBA Hardwood.

Although he's undersized, he makes it up for that with his great physical gifts like strength, athleticism, speed etc. Shawn's relied mostly on this to excel in most things on the court.

Marion's one of the best rebounding presences for all non big men of any time. He cracked even double digits and consistently led his teams in this category.

He's also known for being an elite stopper, who's done most recently great job on James in the latest Finals. He's posted solid numbers, especially in his days as a Sun where he was an All-Star caliber player.

Why above LeBron? Simply because he's played in this role longer, is a better presence on the glass and posted impressive numbers in the process.

8.Tom Heinsohn

Height: 6'7

Weight: 218 lbs

An overlooked forward who was among the key players in the Celtics' dynasty, Tom Heinsohn was one of the best cornermen to step on a NBA Hardwood.

Tom was known as one of the best shooters of his era, actually in fact, of any era. He possessed a quick and lethal shot that allowed him to find the bottom of the net from anywhere.

Heinsonh was also a remarkable offensive player, mainly because of his shooting. He was known as a versatile scorer and had a terrific arsenal of ways to score.

He was a productive and important member of those Celtics' title teams due to his hard nosed play, excellent body control and touch on his jumper. For his great playing, Tommy earned four All-NBA Teams and has a nice resume too.

Why above Marion? Because of him being a better overall offensive player, more productive player who had a longer prime and played the role on a higher level.

7.Kevin McHale

Height: 6'10

Weight: 210 lbs

Kevin McHale was a type of player who played extremely physical basketball, was tougher than nails as he seemed to play with pain like few did. He was one of the greatest strech forwards in NBA History.

He was a primary power forward, but he had no problems playing this role because he had the size and agility to guard often smaller and quicker players yet he could do damage from anywhere in offense.

Kevin possessed the most devastating game with his back to the basket. His terrific arsenal of quick and shaky moves allowed him to be a great scorer inside with excellent efficiency.

He also established himself as a terrific defender, one of the finest of any era for sure. McHale was selected in six All-Defensive Teams, including three All-First selections.

His versatility was his biggest advantage. He was often given the task to guard the high scoring forwards of his era when Bird was either injured etc. He could shut down his man nicely.

Even though he came off the bench at first, it didn't stop him from being an All-Star caliber forward. He was a key contributor in those Celtics winning titles and enjoyed a terrific career overall with amazing peak.

Why above Heinsohn? Because he was a better defensive player, was better offensively, did better work on the glass and played just as much in the role of cornerman.

6.Dennis Rodman

Height: 6'7

Weight: 210 lbs

Although he was known as a dramatic person off the court, he was really great on it. Dennis Rodman was one of the greatest cornermen in NBA History.

The Worm was defined by his ultimate hustle, determination, tenacity and hard work. Despite being a mainly defensive and rebounding specialist, he earned the respect of many people due to his outstanding play.

Dennis was arguably the best presence on the glass. He won seven rebound titles in a row and had high numbers to back this up. He was amazing when it mattered most as well.

He excelled defensively. Rodman was arguably the most elite defender of any time, as he excelled in all the aspects of defense. For his excellence, he won two Defensive Player Of The Year awards and eight All-First Defensive Teams too.

While he wasn't a reliable offensive player, he served his teams everywhere with his ability to clean the boards, shut down anyone he was assigned to and was an engine of his teams.

Why above McHale? Because of the fact that he was a better defender, rebounded better, had a longer prime, comparable career and was just as amazing.

5.Kevin Garnett

Height: 6'11

Weight: 220 lbs

Versatile, skilled and physically gifted. Kevin Garnett's been a really valuable player throughout his entire career. He's one of the best strech forwards of all time.

Despite being mostly a power forward, with his size and agility, he could defend often smaller players quite effectively. He'd burn the defense from mid range inside and take them well inside, while produce well in defense plus all-around as well.

The Big Ticket had all the needed tools to excel in this position. His physical gifts like size, athleticism, agility etc combined nicely with his skill set, aggressiveness and intensiveness. He's played often in this role, even though he's not known for it.

Kevin was one of the most complete players in NBA History. He's capable to do it all on the court and has posted impressive numbers in the process. He recorded many triple doubles too.

Garnett established himself as arguably the most elite defender of any time. He's excelled in all of the aspects of defense. KG has earned a Defensive Player Of The Year and 11 All-Defensive Teams, with nine record All-First selections.

Additionally, he's a remarkable offensive player, who score well, has nice shot and is praised most for his amazing passing skills. Also, he's a certainly terrific presence on the glass, as he won four consecutive rebounding titles.

Overall, he's been an all time great. Why above Rodman? Because of his being just as a good defender and presence on the glass, more productive and better offensive force overall.

4.James Worthy

Height: 6'9

Weight: 225 lbs

One more great forward who was a key contributor to successful title teams yet often in the shadows of his team mates, James Worthy was one of the top cornermen to step on a NBA History.

James wasn't suited to play power forward, but he switched in this role in order to space the defense, outrun bigger players on the fast brake and was versatile enough to guard opposing bigger players.

He excelled in the role because he had the needed physical gifts like strength, athleticism, speed etc plus the basketball IQ and skills to fit in nicely. And he did.

Worthy was one of the best off-ball players of all time. He always knew where and when to move, whether was it to get inside or being the first one to get on the brake for the easy points.

Speaking of fast brakes, he earned praise for his ability to finish at the rim which is on pair with the elites of any time. His one handed swoops became trademark moves of his.

Also, he earned the nickname "Big Game James" for always elevating himself when it mattered and his memorable games. He's known most for his triple double in Game Seven of the '88 Finals with 36 points, 16 boards and 10 assists.

He won the Finals MVP and league title in one of his most impressive season. Additionally, James was one of the most efficient scorers to play the game. He always took smart shots and made the most of his attempts.

Worthy had a nice range on his shot that spaced the defense and a sweet post up game which also created trouble for his defenders. To compliment this, he was a solid presence on the glass as well.

Why above Garnett? Because he revolutionized the role, excelled better in it, was more efficient, was better in the clutch and had a better off-ball movement.

3.Larry Bird

He wasn't as physically gifted as most of his peers were. Nonetheless, he was just as great if not greater than them all. Larry Bird was truly outstanding. He was one of the finest strech forwards in NBA History.

Larry often played the role of a cornerman. He was physical enough and had the needed skill set to dominate. With his lethal shot, he spaced the defense well, was a remarkable rebounder and terrific all-around player that produced.

He was arguably second to none, when it came to skills. Bird dominated in his career because of this advantage. His offense and ability to rebound were among the best ever. The numbers also backed him up as well as his numerous triple doubles.

The Hick From The French Link was praised for his shooting, in which he arguably topped anyone. He could find the bottom of the net from anywhere and he had sniper like range on his jumper. He was a member of few 50/40/90 clubs too.

He was an elite presence on the glass, who was consistent in this regard and put impressive numbers despite playing along side McHale and Parish.

Additionally, Larry Legend was perhaps the premier clutch performer to play the game. He elevated himself above the rest when it was required.

Also, he was outstanding offensively. Bird could damage opposing defenses in numerous ways, even if he was having trouble with his shot. He was even a playmaker, who made the game easier for his team mates.

Overall, he gets to be ranked high because of his excellence as a strech forward. Why above Worthy? He was a better offensively, was a better rebounder, had a more rounded game and was just on another level.

2.Charles Barkley

Height: 6'6

Weight: 252 lbs

He was listed to be 6'6, although he was much closer to 6'4. The physically gifted, skilled and versatile Charles Barkley was one of the top cornermen in NBA History.

He had the needed physicality to play in this role and yet he was skilled enough as well. He could do damage offensively from anywhere on the court, was outstanding rebounder and elite all-around player.

Sir Charles was one of the most physically imposing forces of all time. His physical gifts such as strength, athleticism etc allowed him to dominate players who were usually taller than him.

His all-around game was on pair with anyone's of any period. Barkley's offense and rebounding were among the finest ever. His defense was solid when he tried to. He recorded even 20 triple doubles, to prove his excellence.

He earned a lot of respect for his ability to clean the glass. He won few rebound titles in his career, and was better when it was required most.

Barkley established himself as a premier player in the clutch that always elevated his game in the playoffs and finals. His numbers went across the board and the teams in which played enjoyed solid success.

He could burn the defense from deep as well due to his nice shot. This would create chances for assists or high percentage looks in the paint that he knew how to use. Overall, he was a fantastic cornerman.

Why above Larry? Because he was a more efficient offensive player, better presence on the glass, has a nice skill set and spent more time in the role.

1.Elgin Baylor

Height: 6'5

Weight: 225 lbs

A terrific forward who revolutionized the game with his high flying and spectacular plays, Elgin Baylor introduced a new position in the process. That position is called cornerman or strech forward.

He had the needed physical gifts and skills to play this role effectively. Elgin was known as a terrific offensive force, amazing all-around player and a fantastic rebounding forward.

Baylor was one of the most rounded players of all time. His offense and rebounding were certainly among the elites of any time. He was also a solid defender that produced and made impact.

He was a dominant player through the course of his career because of his physicality. He was blessed with nice strength, athleticism, speed and so on that made him even imposing at times.

Elgin was a remarkable presence on the glass, who put up off the charts numbers for a guy of his size, ranked consistently in the league leaders and often leading when healthy. Quite impressive.

He was a highly great performer in the clutch, that elevated his game when it was needed. Baylor produced on a level which few overall matched and led LA always deep in the post season.

Additionally, even though he's not familiar for his shooting, it used him really well. He could take the defense from outside and use that in order to create better chances for him and his team mates.

He enjoyed a overall successful career, despite never winning a title. He was awarded with a ring later on though. Nonetheless, the high flying and spectacular Baylor is rightfully No.1 in this list!

Why above Barkley? Because of more productive and arguably better offensive abilities, better arsenal of moves, him revolutionizing the role, being a better all-around player and not to far away in rebounding.

Honorable Mention:

-Jamal Wilkes, Josh Smith and so on.

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Written by Darko Mihajlovksi, Columnist (Archive/Feed)

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