I remember during around Christmas time when there was a riot over the new Jordan Concords shoes. Now we have a new one.

In a Florida Mall near Orlando, there was a riot over the new $200 Nike Foamposite Galaxy shoes that came out.

There was a crowd waiting overnight near the mall and when the mall opened, a huge burst of people were waiting outside of Foot Locker. To avoid a riot, Foot Locker decided they would not sell the shoes today and they would ship it back to Nike.


This made the folks even more angry. There were police everywhere. Really, this is crazy, but it is also Nike's fault.

Stephen Douglas of the Big Lead summed it up perfectly:
"Mobs are one thing. Sneaker mobs are another. Nike needs to start making enough sneakers for everyone and stop releasing them at midnight."

But still, what's the need to fight for shoes? I got my Concords, but it took me a month. Tip: You don't need to get it right away. It'll still be out. And still -- CALM DOWN! -- it's just a pair of shoes, bro.


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