After a long time, welcome back to the "Best Ever" series as this time, I present a case for yet another player as the greatest of all time.

Tim Duncan, who's also known as the Big Fundamental, is the next player in line. He's dominated the league quietly for strong 12 years, made a name for himself while displaying his greatness as well.

With his amazing skills, high basketball IQ, instincts, he established as a force in this competitive league for awhile. Without further ado, here're my reasons why Duncan can be argued as the top player in NBA History.


A highly skilled, smart and efficient stopper that's still a dominant presence defensively in the paint, Tim Duncan's arguably the greatest defensive player in NBA History.

There hasn't been a more fundamentally sound defender than him ever. He's never been a guy who went in air to challenge shots. Instead, he's relied on his size, high basketball IQ, length, skill set and instincts to beat his stop his opponents, doing most of his work on the ground.

Timmy's mastered the way of blocked shots, and made into an art form thanks to three things: 1) perfect timing, 2) sense not to foul the shooter and 3) when he denies the shot, he either grabs it or his team mates. That all makes him one of the best shot blockers of any time.

His impact on this side of the court has been in the group of the very elites one. Duncan's made the Spurs a defensive minded team from the moment he stepped on the court, leading them, and being the main part of it.

Duncan's been a remarkable presence defensively like few others. He's changed, interrupted and alerted shots in his paint consistently well. He's created numerous easy scoring chances that mostly started from him.

Timmy's established as an outstanding one on one defender, that could shut down his man quite nicely. Also, he's earned dozens of All-Defensive selections to back him up.

Unfortunately, it's a mystery how he still hasn't won a Defensive Player Of The Year regardless of his consistency and greatness on this side of the court. Nonetheless, his case certainly puts him in discussion.

Career Facts:

-Defensive Player Of The Year: 0 (he still waits for it)

-All NBA Defensive Selections: 13 (including 8x All-First)

-NBA All time leader in most defensive selections

-Career Rebounds: 11,529 (11.6)--------------------------2114 (12.4)

-Career Blocked shots: 2,273 (2.3)------------------------438 (2.6)

-Ranks at No.4 in the playoffs for most blocked shots

-Ranks at No.11 in most career blocked shots

-Ranks at No.16 in career blocks per game

-Ranks at No.24 in terms of most rebounds grabbed in career

-Ranks at No.20 in career rebounds per game

-Ranks at No.15 in playoff rebounds per game

-Ranks at No.7 in career defensive win shares (82.9)

-Ranks at No.5 in playoffs defensive win shares (13.0)

-Ranks at No.2 in career defensive rating

-Ranks at No.14 in playoff defensive rating

-Ranks at No.7 in career defensive win share

-Ranks at No.5 in playoff defensive win share

-Ranks at No.7 in career defensive rebound percent

-Ranks at No.9 in playoff defensive rebound percent


The term "fundamentals" is in a way a lost art in the league today, mostly overshadowed by few things such as potential, versatility and physical gifts. There aren't as many fundamentally sound players as that used to be in the past, nowadays.

Instead they're often viewed as boring players that not many enjoy watching. They're often in the shadows of other more spectacular guys. Tim Duncan is no expectation here.

He based his entire game, developed his skills and talent by relying on the basics that made him the player he's been throughout his entire illustrated career of basketball. He understands and takes full advantages of it.

Timmy can do it all, as he's got an excellent post up game, rebounds nicely, blocks shots, can find the open man, has the footwork, the pump fakes, intelligence, boxes out his man on the glass, has a solid touch etc.

In other words, he's a dominant presence on both sides of the court and outstanding impact maker. That being said, plus with his great success and play when taken in consideration, Duncan's arguably the most fundamentally sound player of them all.

3.Post Player

Although he's viewed as a boring player, he's been quite efficient on the block. With his skill set, fundamentally sound game and physique, Tim Duncan's established himself as the greatest post player in NBA History.

Timmy's offensive low post game is one of the finest of any time. He's a sweet footwork, a great arsenal of moves, nice pump fakes, a terrific go to move in the bank shot and range on his jumper up to 20 feet.

He's been a consistent, reliable scorer who raised his averages in the playoffs and finals with nice efficiency too, because of this. Duncan used his underrated physicality early a lot. He could and still can create his own shots.

Additionally, he's known for his passing skills that are on pair with the elites. He'd take the ball in either post, look for his team mates and find them for the easy points. He often led his team in assists.

On the other hand, the Big Fundamental has been equally as good if not better on defense, where he's excelled like few others. He's been a remarkable presence in the paint, who's done most of his work on the ground.

Despite that, he's made a reputation of himself as an excellent shot blocker who swatted a lot of shots, and alerted many more. His defense opened up the game for his Spurs like many easy scoring chances etc.

When all things are taken in consideration, Tim has rightfully a great case as the game's most elite post player due to his excellence on both sides of the floor for numerous years.

4.Team Superstar

Tim Duncan's one of those rare players who put his team ahead of everything and played for one sole purpose. To win. He's arguably the greatest team superstar ever.

He's never played for individual feats, stats or records. Duncan's biggest focus has always been winning, in which he excels like few did.

He's established as a quiet and great leader who leads by example. He's been among the best in making his team mates better as well for quite a long time.

The Big Fundamental unselfishness rubbed of on his team mates. He'd teach them in practice, give their touches in order to shine, motivate them and the other things that don't show up in the box score.

Besides this, Timmy's dominated in his illustrated career, made everyone around him better, excelled clutch and is well respected for his feats.

5.Clutch Performance

This is a picture of the big guy hitting the last second shot vs the Hornets, as he led his Spurs to another win. It isn't the first he's done it, nor or the last time he will do so.

Tim Duncan's always elevated himself in the highest stage, consistently dominating when it mattered most while putting his team on the back and leading them to the titles.

His excellence in the clutch is supported by the numbers.

-Regular Season: 20.3 points, 11.3 boards, 3.1 assists, 2.2 blocks, 50.6% FG, 68.8% FT
----Post Season: 22.7 points, 12.4 boards, 3.4 assists, 2.6 blocks, 50.2% FG, 67.8% FT
---Game Seven: 27.3 points, 13.3 boards, 4.0 assists, 1.7 blocks, 39.7% FG, 80% FT
----------Finals: 23.8 points, 15.1 boards, 3.5 assists, 3.3 blocks, 47.3% FG, 69.9% FT

That's proven brilliance, which speaks a lot about Duncan. He's had even few triple double performances in there that just adds to it.

Additionally, does anyone remember his game six performance of the 2003 Finals?

His case for the greatest clutch performer is respectable. 

6.High Basketball IQ 

In a world where players rely more on physical advantages, few can dominate games based on their intelligence. Tim Duncan is in that almost rare group now.  He's arguably the most intelligent player in NBA History.

Although this isn't recognized as his strength, it has been of great use for him. Tim has relied on his high basketball IQ to make outsmart his opponents and maximize his game.

He's capable to make the adjustments when needed, get in the right place at the right time and this has allowed him to make quality plays that'd do.

Duncan rarely does mistakes on the court, as he always seems to do the correct decision out there regardless of the situation. His intelligence has played a large role in making him the player he's been throughout his career.


Tim Duncan, although is a quiet person, has established himself throughout his career as a terrific leader. His leadership skills are arguably second to none.

He's the type of leader who leads more by example, rather than heart. Tim despite being a quiet man, is the guy who when speaks, everyone listens and always follow out there.

That's a thing that not many can say about themselves. Duncan's been more of a coach than a player in his recent seasons, making sure his team does the correct plays etc.

He's lead them to consistent success, as his resume can speak about it. Even when he wasn't surrounded with great supporting cast, led by his great play, Timmy's powered the Spurs to huge wins.

His leadership has played a huge role in San Antonio's successful title runs in the past decade and winning beyond the majority of the games in the process as well.

That feat speaks quite a lot.

8.Team Superstar

The majority of the superstars in the past and now, have usually been individual. However, there were few who based on the quality were on pair with the first, yet were oriented to do one thing.

They want to achieve only purpose and that's to win. Those type of players are called team superstars, and Tim Duncan's been arguably the best of them all.

Timmy has focused on winning rather than records and stats, and he's excelled in it. Even if that means cutting his touches sometimes, sitting games and so on.

In the process, he has made his team mates around better, due to his ability to pass the ball and unselfishness.

Even when his supporting cast wasn't brilliant, Duncan'd find a way to push his Spurs on top of the league, which is only for respect.

Tim did all of the little things, took over when needed, led quietly with example and without a doubt is a legend.

Besides that, his accomplishments, consistency and excellence as a player make him a great choice in the debate for the best team superstar, and overall player ever.


Winning is one of the most important things in the game of basketball, and this is an aspect where Tim Duncan has excelled as few. He's one of the biggest winners of all time.

First of all, Timmy has won four championships in his career so far while being arguably the best player and leader of all them. He helped to create the Spurs dynasty, a rare thing for a small market.

He added three Finals MVP awards in the process, while outmatching other players such as O'Neal, Bryant, James, Kidd and so on. He delivered with truly amazing performances as well as elevating himself on the highest stage too.

Duncan has consistently pushed the San Antonio to top records, division titles and they had won ton of games since his drafting. They have won 64.4% of all the playoff games with also a perfect record in the Finals.

When all things are taken in consideration, he's arguably the greatest winner in league history not named Russell.


Tim Duncan's playing style allows him to be one of those guys who'd translate well in any era without issues. 

First of all, he's one of the most complete players to step on a NBA Hardwood. He's capable to nearly do it all out there and doesn't depend on his physicality.

He based his entire game on fundamentals that are arguably second to none and his skill set is also really good. Timmy is additionally solid physically wise.

Second, he's a dominant presence on both sides of the court. Offensively, there isn't a thing he can't do expect shot the three. That's not needed for a big man that prefers to get inside.

Tim can face up the basket well, has a terrific post up game, has a good arsenal of moves, has range up to 20 feet on his jumper and is solid at the line.

Defensively, he's an outstanding rim protector who blocks shots, and alerts many more. He's a remarkable man to man stopper who can shut his man too.

Also, he's a remarkable rebounder too. Overall, when all things are taken in consideration, there isn't any doubt that Duncan's game could translate well in any era.


“He’s a quiet assassin who is skilled in all aspects of the game.”---George Karl

"He's not throwing behind-the-back passes, he's not doing tomahawk jams, he's not doing anything that's very flashy. He's just a very unassuming guy who goes about his job, and the next thing you know he's got 23 points and 20 rebounds." -------------Byron Scott 

“He sees the court as well or better than a lot of guards. When I look at him I see nothing but greatness."--- Jerry West

“He’s got the footwork of Kevin McHale, the athleticism of David Robinson. That’s a heck of a talent.”----Brad Daugherty

"He's been clutcher than clutch. At the end of close games, everyone knows we're going to him. That makes it much tougher on Dunc, of course—and he still comes through."--- Gregg Popovich 


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