Wladimir Klitschko can only deal with the opponents that are placed in front of him in the ring. But those who are earning shots at the WBO, IBO, IBF, and WBA Super Heavyweight Champion surely have to be questioned. Klitschko knocked out his latest challenger, Jean-Marc Mormeck of France, in Munich Germany on March 3 in what is a candidate for one of the worst fights of all time. Sadly, a crowd of 50,000 in the stadium had to witness the fourth-round knockout.

The 39-year-old Mormeck, who entered the ring with a decent record of 36-4 with 22 KOs, is nothing more than a blown-up former cruiserweight champion who had no idea how to handle the 6-foot-6 giant Ukrainian in front of him. He didn’t come to fight that’s for sure and if he came to just survive a 12-round beating he failed miserably. It was so bad you could count the number of punches the Frenchman landed on the champion on one hand and still have two fingers left over.

What Mormeck did do a good job of though, was conning the boxing public out of its hard-earned money, well at least some of it, into believing he had a legitimate chance at dethroning the champion and had somehow earned a title shot in the first place. When Klitschko dropped him in the fourth round, Mormeck watched the referee administer the count and then rose to his feet, knowing it was too late to beat the count, and arguing with the referee over the stoppage. The 35-year-old Klitschko upped his record to 57-3 with the win and scored his 50th knockout in the process.

The problem these days is that there are no longer any legitimate challengers in the heavyweight division. Whatever heavyweight belts Wladimir Klitschko doesn’t own, his brother Vitali does. Wladimir beat Briton David Haye last summer by an easy 12-round unanimous decision in another lacklustre fight and Haye somehow gets a shot Vitali next. And based on his performance in that fight if Haye, a former cruiserweight and WBA heavyweight champion’s the best the heavyweight division has, then it’s in deep trouble.

To make matters worse for boxing fans, Vitali’s next mandatory defense is against Tony Thompson, who he knocked out in the 11th round back in 2008. It’s not like the Klitschkos are ducking anybody. The fact is there’s just nobody out there to challenge them. Wladimir has faced five unbeaten boxers and eight challengers who entered the ring with just one loss on their record in the past dozen years. However, as soon as the bell rings these fighters freeze like a deer in the headlights and miraculously thaw out when it’s time to collect their paychecks.

There are several unbeaten young heavyweights in the game today, such as Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, and Seth Mitchell, but their records have been built up by fighting less-than-competitive opponents. Things are so bleak in the division that former champions, 43-year-old Riddick Bowe and 40-year-old Shannon Briggs are planning on joining 39-year-old Hasim Rahman on the comeback trail.

For the record, Rahman has already been knocked out by Wladimir and Briggs has lost to Vitali Klitschko. Bowe might have the best shot of the trio…and he’s fought a grand total of three times in the past 16 years, with the last time being over four years ago.

Written by Ian Palmer via FeedCrossing, Content News Source

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