I guess Mike D'Antoni didn't win many over in his time as head coach of the New York Knicks. That's why coaches get fired, add in the fact that he wasn't winning enough made him more cannon fodder for the critics. But I bet D'Antoni didn't count on Stephon Marbury jumping on the rip D'Antoni bandwagon. Remember Marbury played for D'Antoni while the two were in Phoenix and New York.

Now Marbury is the last person to rip anyone considering he wasn't necessarily a winning player while he was in the NBA.

Marbury went on Twitter to call D'Antoni a coward.

"Coward's Step down men knock walls down that men like him post up. I told you'll about that dude but you'll didn't listen. #DANPHONY"  

Mighty bold words from someone who once ate Vaseline. Just because D'Antoni couldn't make things work with Carmelo Anthony and tried to trade him for Deron Williams and failed doesn't make him a coward. I just call it a failed power play. And just because Marbury could never see eye to eye with D'Antoni doesn't make him a coward. It's called a clash of egos.

Written by Chris Edwards, Reporter

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