Inevitably college football will be heading toward a playoff. All the talking heads have to agree upon is how many teams will in the derby. If it were up to Washington State coach Mike Leach he would have it just like the NCAA tournament and have 64 teams in a playoff.

"The minimum should be 16 teams,’’ he said. “I think 32 is better than 16, but I think 64 would be ideal," he started to explain to me, without taking a breath.

"You could cut the regular season down to 10 games, but guarantee everybody 12 games. In the end, the champion would play 16 games."

Don't bring up school workload to him as an argument. "That's a bunch of foolishness," he chided, in a nice, polite tone.

"Basketball players go to school, volleyball players go to school, baseball players go to school and they play a lot more games than football [players do]."

Although I do support a playoff, this is a little insane, but Leach always seemed to be in his own world anyway. I'm with him about the "school" part. The talking heads believe that it would take too much class time away from the "student-athelete". Everyone knows that's a load of bull.

Written by Chris Edwards, Writer
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