Rasheed Wallace was once rumored to be joining the Los Angeles Lakers, but that didn't exactly happen. Now there is a report circulating saying that Wallace has worked out for the Miami Heat.

A source close to the situation confirmed Rasheed Wallace has worked out with Heat, but source said he hasn't decided if he'll play again. Source on whether Rasheed Wallace would be interested if Heat wanted to sign him: "It’s something he may consider.’'
Source said Rasheed Wallace staying quiet on if he might play again because "doesn't want to cause a lot of hoopla'' if decides against it.

Ever since the rumor of a comeback has came out, not much has materialized since then. It's no secret that Wallace would rather play for a contender than anywhere else. With the Heat lacking quality big men behind Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem, they're always looking to add another big. Hence the interest in Joel Przybilla.

In the event that Wallace did sign with the Heat he would be the most colorful character in the locker room. I personally think Miami could be a good fit or Oklahoma City, who still need a little more outside of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  

Written by Chris Edwards, Reporter

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