Although they at one time were “definitely” on his radar, Reggie Wayne, in his short-lived stint as a free agent, basically told the Patriots: ‘Thanks, but no thanks’.

According to the Boston Globe, Wayne recently implied in an online journal that the Pats were a finalist for his services, but is “thrilled” over his decision to instead return to Indianapolis.

“Well….. kinda four teams at first. Then three and then two. And you Colts fans don’t wanna know who other team was. I’ll let you figure that one out. Ha! But like I said, I’m thrilled about my decision.”

If Wayne’s subtlety leaves you unconvinced, a league source confirmed to the Globe that New England was indeed in play to land the five-time Pro Bowl receiver.

It was certainly a bit of a surprising move by the 33-year-old, who chose to pass up joining a perennial playoff — and Super Bowl — contender for a club that’s been gutted from top to bottom this offseason.

The Colts gave Wayne a three-year, $17.5 million deal (including $7.5 million in guarantees). It’s unknown what the Patriots were offering, but it was likely comparable considering coach Bill Belichick’s long affinity for the wideout.

If the offers were in the same ballpark, Wayne might’ve chosen to remain with the only team he’s known in his well-accomplished NFL career, and in the city where he’s had so much success. The new pact made him a “Colt for life,” as he excitingly put it.

If there were only two factors behind his decision — money and loyalty — something tells me it was the latter.

Written by Zach Kelberman via FeedCrossing, Content News Source

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