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So now it's 4/20, where every pothead in the world gets to light one up. For me, I'm not a smoker at all. I like to keep it clean, so no need for judging here.

Sports has had their share of potheads in the league, and here's my list of the top ten athletes who smoke weed to celebrate this crazy "holiday."

10. Michael Beasley


Michael Beasley was a crazy dude when he was on the Miami Heat. Drafted as No. 2 overall, he was expected to be one of the top guys for the team behind Dwyane Wade. However, it didn't really work out well for the guy.

He then posted some interesting pictures of himself online, later revealing a stash of some weed in the background in which he was later caught for. With that, he had to go to rehab.

Beasley is now serving as forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

9. Michael Vick


Michael Vick turned into a crazy man in his final years on the Atlanta Falcons. Coming off a big season where he became the first quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards, Vick quickly let himself go in the off-season.

He had those dogfighting charges which landed him in jail for two years. However, not only that, but he was also busted that same year for trying to sneak marijuana on a plane....in a water bottle. That's not gonna work, Mr. Vick.

Vick currently starts for the Eagles now, looking to improve on a disappointing season from last year.

8. The Portland Jail Blazers


Ah, you can't forget about the Jail Blazers. There were several players on that team that smoked some bud, and were caught with it as well.

Those players included Rasheed Wallace, Damon Stoudamire, and Qyntel Woods. Adding to that, there was Zach Randolph, too. There were some other players who have had there share of it even after the Jail Blazers era, such as Marcus Camby last season.

Oh, those Trail Blazers.

7. Jerome Simpson


Jerome Simpson made tons of highlights with the Cincinnati Bengals, letting the most-known being his flip-in-the-air touchdown. However, that's not the only thing Simpson does.

The Bengals wide receiver had a huge marijuana bust in September, as police tracked over two pounds of it being sent to his house. Adding to that, he had more than six pounds of it total stored in his home.

Quite the smoker, eh?

6. Stephon Marbury


Now that he's in China, Stephon Marbury can probably smoke all he wants. A video surfaced of him in 2009 of him smoking marijuana in a car (go look it up on YouTube, it's still there!).

Marbury has said countless times before that he has smoked and does it regularly during the off-season. When you have videos of yourself crying, eating vaseline, and other crazy things, he's probably doing something.

Good thing for Marbury, he won his CBA title just recently.

5. Randy Moss


Randy Moss is athletically gifted, and weed isn't going to slow him down. In 2005, the All-Pro wide receiver said in an interview that he smokes weed "once in a blue moon," and has been doing since he has entered the league.

Usually for most people, weed really kills your breathing and you just can't run, especially doing the stuff Moss does on the football field. But I guess he can handle it and does it at the right moments.

Moss recently unretired from the NFL and is now on the 49ers.

4. Josh Howard


Josh Howard isn't afraid to admit it: he smokes weed. In an interview, he said that he smokes it still and also put on some shame towards other NBA players saying that most of the league smoked.

Howard obviously got in trouble for his statement, and he had to issue an apology:


The 31-year-old currently serves as the forward for the Utah Jazz.

3. Michael Phelps


An image of Michael Phelps came up a few years ago of him taking a hit out of a bong, shocking the sports world as many saw the Olympic swimmer as that "goody-good" guy.

However, that didn't stop Phelps from still doing his thing, as he continues to win in the pool.

What a dope.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Man, just look at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The dude looks like he smokes weed. In fact, he admitted it.

He has been caught a couple times this past decade for possession of it. Living in California, he has the benefit of having a medical prescription to smoke it. He says he uses it to help his migraines and other problems.

MVP smoker right there.

1. Ricky Williams


It had to be Ricky Williams at No. 1. This man is the biggest pothead to ever enter the sports world. The former All-Star running back was caught multiple times with marijuana, which caused to be out of the league for a years and being a problem for the Miami Dolphins.

After failures of drug tests, he took his talents to Canada to play in the CFL before he would eventually be back in NFL. He would end his career well, having his last game in the AFC Championship as a Baltimore Raven. He would then retire.

For Ricky, he's the true stoner of sports, and now retired he could probably do it all he wants.



So those are the top ten athletes who smoke weed. Agree/disagree with the list? Comment below for your list.

I know I missed a couple of guys, such as Bill Walton, Carmelo Anthony, and Tim Lincecum. Drop some honorable mentions below.

And to those potheads out there, happy smoking!


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