After signing with the San Francisco 49ers for a one-year, $2 million deal, running back Brandon Jacobs looks forward to a new path in his career.

Jacobs and fellow running back Frank Gore look to be a solid one-two punch next season. Both running backs appeared on a conference press call, discussing what they will do or not.

Jacobs was asked whether if he would be the goal-line back or if it would be Gore.

His response?
“Well, being 25 or 35 pounds heavier than Frank, I’d hope I’ll be the one to get it.”

Not trying to make things controversial, Jacobs quickly said something about Gore.
“But Frank has done great in that area the last seven years. We came into the league the same year.  He’s done great.  He has no issue getting in.  It’s whatever is best for the team.”

Jacobs, despite growing up in Louisiana, was a fan of the Niners growing up.

“One, I never did like the Saints, [and] never did like Dallas,” Jacobs said.  “The 49ers, when I chose them as my team, I barely knew anything about football. I was only eight years old and only liked their uniforms.  That’s what drew me to the 49ers.  And I stuck with them.”

Jacobs will most likely be backing up Gore, but will likely get a few carries per game. In my opinion, I do see him being the goal-line back for next season.


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