Just a day after Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy accused Brendan Haywood of throwing punches at Dwight Howard, the Dallas Mavericks center has responded, saying that he has never had a problem with him and doesn't have any idea of what Van Gundy is talking about.

"Man, I don't know what's wrong with Stan," Haywood told ESPN Dallas. "Stan's going to say what Stan wants to say. We don't gotta play them no more. The game's over with.

"I think Dwight caught me with more shots than I caught him. He's the most physical player in the league. So it is what it is. Stan made his comment. I haven't got a call from anybody (in the league office), so I guess nobody's listening."

Howard did not practice today due to soreness in his lower back. He will end up missing tonight's game against the Denver Nuggets. With that, Glen Davis will start in his place.

During yesterday's comments of Van Gundy, he said that he had video evidence of Haywood punching Howard. Van Gundy couldn't specify when and said it was frustrating to explain. Rick Carlisle, the Mavericks head coach, did some investigating and found no evidence of the Magic coach's statements.

"We looked at some different things and didn't see anything other than just some physical play," Carlisle said. "But there wasn't a play where Howard flinched or anything."

Haywood saw it as well.
"I was watching NBA TV last night. They said they looked over it and couldn't find it. I guess Stan has that magical hand cam that he was taking from the bench and he got something nobody else got."

Haywood missed all of last season with a sprained right knee and is now back from injury. He had five points and three rebounds in 26 minutes against Howard's Magic that game.

Haywood made his final statement:
"Dwight doesn't have a problem with me. I don't have a problem with Dwight," Haywood said. "So the only person that really has a problem here is Stan. He's probably going to go to sleep and have a good Sunday."


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