After the stunning audio of Gregg Williams was released, many have been forming their opinions on what punishment the defensive coordinator should receive. In my opinion, he should be banned from ever coaching in football.

Former NFL wide receiver Cris Carter agrees, saying the league should put a lifetime ban on him.

“I believe that Gregg Williams, he shouldn’t be able to coach football any more, and the reason why is because we have given him our best athletes,” Carter said on ESPN's NFL Live. “We have given him the best athletes to coach in the NFL for the last 16 years and he has taught them the worst tactics that you can teach a football player. So, I believe the only penalty that would suffice for this type of crime: he shouldn’t be able to coach any more. It is a privilege for us to be able to play football, and a privilege to play in the NFL, and he has taken the last 15, 16 years of his career, and he has decided to do that with it. I believe that Roger Goodell, his penalty should be: he shouldn’t be able to coach in the NFL any more.”


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