Charles Barkley once stated in bold terms “I am not a role model” in a famous Nike Commercial.   Well Charles, Tim Tebow  has a message for you and every other athlete that feels that way.   According to Tim “Yes you are.  You’re just not a good one”.

That was the message Tebow delivered to an estimated 15,000 people who showed up to hear him speak at a church service in Georgetown, Texas.

That message left many scrambling to figure out what angle Tebow is coming from this time.  Is the holier than thou quarterback challenging his athletic counterparts to live up to a higher standard?  Is Tebow with such a bold claim setting himself up for failure and scrutiny down the line?   Only time will tell.

In my opinion a kid should look up to anyone that carries themselves in the correct manner as a role model.  That list includes teachers, fireman, dentist, mailman, and any other profession that displays proper life skills and character.

Role Model means any “person who serves as an example, whose behavior is emulated by others”.  Again that can include any profession from any walk of life.

Yes athletes are role models when they display hard work, dedication, community service, and serve as inspirations.   Yet when our athletes fail us or disappoint us, we shouldn’t discard them as role models.  Part of a man’s ability to role model is being able to display heart and courage when faced with adversity and disappointment away from the field.

I watched Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take this morning flat-out dismiss Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson as a role model.  Why because he sulks sometimes?  Why because he is brash and cocky?  How about DeSean’s anti bullying campaign.   How about the several football camps he organizes in different cities for free.  Do people get to pick and choose when a person can be a role model.

Point is we are all role models.  No more important  in our role than any other person.

In my opinion the one thing Tim Tebow needs to understand is that he is no better a role model than the worst example of a role model if he is gonna throw stones and live in a huge ass glass house.

I just hope Tim is prepared to deal with the madness that will ensue if and when he makes a mistake.

Best believe when Tim Tebow finally makes a significant mistake, the rock coming thru Tebow’s glass house will be the size of a boulder.


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