Exactly two weeks before the NBA Draft Lottery, Anthony Davis was seen wearing a Hornets hat. This helps to the conspiracy theory of the Draft Lottey being rigged by David Stern.

The photo came up today by well-known sports blogger, Brad Wolff, who posted it on Facebook. Black Sports Online also picked up on the photo in which they got it from Not Bill Walton.

However, the real story behind the picture originally came from the RealGM.com forums, where they discussed about the Charlotte Bobcats being the Hornets again. It was two weeks ago, which is believed to be when the photo was taken.

On May 14, Terez Owens posted the photo saying that Davis was "picking up chicks." Apparently, it looks like it may be a Kentucky fan who spotted Davis and wanted to take a picture with him. Or it may be a friend.

However, the Hornets hat does show that maybe Davis could have been behind a "scheme" that New Orleans would eventually win the lottery.

Or, he could've worn the Charlotte Hornets hat for specific reasons since it was most likely the Bobcats or Hornets picking him. Or it may just be that he just plain wore it.

There is proof of the lottery being rigged. Last year, the Cavaliers won it after losing LeBron to free agency. This year, the Hornets lost Chris Paul in a trade. Stern also owned the team at the starting of the season. Coincidence?

What do you think of this picture? Did Davis know?

Josh Dhani is the founder of FootBasket. He also contributes at Hoops Authority and Eight Points Nine Seconds. You can read more about him at his website. Follow him on Twitter @joshdhani.


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